Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 5 Summary


Another travel day so not a ton to report, plus again due to lack of connectivity I’m behind a day, actually over a full day behind so it may be a little tough to remember details. I’ll start with the trading update mainly because I’m so annoyed. Anyway wrapped up the week +$1698.00. Considering again I’ve traded half days, taking off at 12 or 1PM I’ll consider that good. But I had hoped for so much better. Of course my intense and at times bordering on insane pursuit of excellence seldom lets me celebrate any sort of win.

Which brings up my number one goal for next week. Dial back my risk aversion. I have been so tight with stop losses this week that I have not ever let any winners run. Of course the biggest reason for that is the locations I’m camping have ZERO connectivity. Including cellular. So my plan is to be in cash before I leave for the day around noon. This has created a frustrating “rushed” feeling that has me covering too quickly when a trade goes against me, as well as covering too quickly even when a trade works. I refuse to be caught in the situation of “flying blind”, yeah I know the first response of anybody with trading experience. “Set a stop loss.” But much like believers in chem trails, 9/11 truthers and Squatchers I subscribe to the theory that crooked market makers will stop you out every fucking time. So I refuse to use stop limits.

Not fully sure how to handle this better next week. And in the end there may be no solution for it, I may just have to continue to bunt all week and hope I can come up with better results.

Camping wise, we wrapped up our stay at Fayette State Park and moved on towards Green Bay and JW Wells State Park. So far even though JW Wells is a beautiful and well maintained park and our campsite is literally on Lake Michigan, this site has been the most uninspiring of the trip. It is a very nice place but other than the lake and some OK fishing there is not a whole lot to do.


But on the flip side I kind of knew that going in, this site was intended as lay over to cut the drive time to Porcupine Mountains. The “Porkies” and Lake of the Clouds are kind of the primary goal of this trip.


We will head out Early Sunday and be on our way to Ontanagon.

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