Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 4 Summary

Another slow but consistent day today, got up early and proceeded to my mooching wifi location. The town we are in near Fayette State Park, Garden, MI has no coffee shops etc. So I was forced to romance the barmaid at a local watering hole into handing over their wifi code. Since the bar does not open until 11AM, I sat in my truck for 4 hours. Far from the ideal setup thats for sure, running sprints later in the evening I thought my hips and ankles were going to explode.


Trading wise ended up +$750ish, so I’m happy with the day. The trade on $DANG was a complete degenerate gamble holding into earnings. And like usual I botched it. Covered pre market at $15.25, and I was short from $15.80’s I think. Pretty quickly out of the gate it dropped to the low $14’s and then faded/went sideways all day. This morning it looks to be setting up to crack $14, so could have been a huge trade. But I broke a lot of rules on this one and was forcing a trade, so I’ll take the $500 bucks. Other trade of the day was a quick grab on $EXAS falling through $17.15, actually somewhat happy with this trade, it was a decent technical breakdown. I just went a little small. Overall considering I was sitting in my truck outside a bar for a couple hours, I’m happy with the profits.


Camping wise it was a laid back hang out kind of day. Garrison and I did quite a bit of fishing, I have some decent pictures but they are on the other camera and I forgot to bring that back to my parking lot office this morning.


Lily and I hung out on the beach and I read and enjoyed the scenery while she built structures with the limestone. I mentioned this yesterday, but the limestone formations all around the park are very interesting. And cool to look at, the pictures do them little justice.


Before dinner we spent some time exploring some of the walking trails around the park, the kids had a blast climbing out on some of the trees overhanging the cliffs. I’m proud I’m the parent of a couple daredevils but it can be a little nerve racking at times too. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


This afternoon we will head off back west, and move on to our next destination, J.W. Wells State Park near Escanaba MI.  I’m assuming I’ll have a little better network access so I should be back with another recap tonight. Instead of lagging behind a day.


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