Traveling Part Time Trader – Day 3 Summary


Writing this a day after the fact and right before the market opens so it may be a little rushed. But after traveling along US-2 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula it was pretty readily apparent cellular coverage would be spotty and after arriving at Fayette Historic State Park, I discovered no availability of public wifi. I’m writing this from the parking lot of a bar, I managed to get the barmaid to hand over the wifi key last night, though I have a feeling she did not inform her boss. I keep getting the stink eye from a guy that showed up about 8AM. I’ve been sitting here since 7AM, so I’m waiting for him to ask me what the hell I’m doing!

So back to the recap for August 13th. I’ll save the trading info for the end, but made my rounds to the Mackinaw City Starbucks, and thankfully it was less busy today so less congested wifi and less ear numbing conversations.

After putting in my half day of work I ventured back to the campsite where we packed up, headed out over the bridge and made the migration to Garden, MI. For sure Fayette State Park is one of my favorite historical site seeing places I’ve ever been. Not only is the old Iron town very interesting to check out, the geology of the place is amazing. Its pretty cool to be from Michigan when you realize some of the amazing natural resources there are to tour. Sure Sleeping Bear Dunes, gets all the headlines and is amazing, but with a little driving and research you can discover other very inspirational locations just miles away.


After arriving we checked into the visitor center which had a very detailed and interesting model of the old mining town. My picture stinks because the lights were so low. Lily had a blast trying to find everything on the Scavenger Hunt of the model. There was a list of 25 details you had to locate.


After making the short hike down to the bay, we toured the old mining town. Again hats off to the Michigan DNR, or whoever manages this property. It was immaculately maintained, setup very well with tons of great and educational signage. I would have liked to do a better job with pictures but by this point my phone had been searching for signal so long my battery was dead.


Of course the town was very interesting and educational but by far my favorite part was the escarpment leading into the bay. Very cool to look at and almost surreal.

After getting back to the campsite and venturing down to the lake I was amazed by the limestone formations at the beach. I think the kids for a minute thought it was manmade. Another site I’m glad I’ve seen, pictures do not do it justice.


That was pretty much the summation of the day, ended up with our first mishap of the trip which consumed most of the evening. After venturing out on a wifi scouting trip I realized my fuel was low from the trip over. I had swore the local gas station had diesel, well it didn’t… This resulted in a stressful 30 minute drive to the nearest diesel station while watching my fuel gauge bounce off empty… In the end we made it without running out of fuel, but there were a few times I swore I heard the engine skip, but oh well it added a little spice to the trip even though it ended up being over an hour waste of time and cut into our fishing time.

By the time we got back it was pushing dark so no time to wet a line. Lily, Garrison and I did take in the sunset on the limestone beach. Very beautiful, no pictures since again my phone was dead, but I’ll make a point to get one tonight.


On to the trading for the day. Shorted $EXAS right out of the gate at I think $17.50’s. I need to figure out how to do trade reports in $IBKR’s shitty software, not sure my exits and entries. Then I covered into a wash I’m thinking around $17.25’s? I know my profit, I’m just struggling to remember the actual entry and exits. Either way, per usual I took a small $600ish profit, only to watch it crack hard minutes later… If I accomplish one thing on this camping trip it will be to wander into the woods and reconnect with mother nature and hopefully she will bless me with the gift of some FUCKING PATIENCE!!!


Other than that I shorted $DANG, into earnings, stupid, but small, held it all day and let it grind me. Since I’m a day behind I’ll save story of $DANG for tonight, it worked out Ok for me even though its always a bad idea to hold into earnings.


Glad I only made a couple trades, but this patience thing needs to be fixed, but its good in trading to have a goal. Thats mine right now.

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