Training Log – 10/11/2010

Day one of Show and go by Eric Cressey. Excited to start a new workout plan especially one like this more focused on mobility. I’ve been pretty happy with my strength gains over the last couple years, but I feel I’m starting to plateau to a certain extent. And I’m fairly confident mobility and stretching may be my current limiting factor.

Also going to start experimenting with late afternoon workouts. Over the last few years I have always trained early in the morning. And while convenient I think this time of day is probably also contributing to my lack of flexibility. Some mornings it is a flat out pain in the ass to get loosened up and moving. Quite often I finally feel good and warm at the END of the workout. And before you say it, I do very extensive full body warmups before every workout, but at 6AM I’m just plain tight.

Notes from today:

Felt great and strong, all weights were a little light since its been forever since I’ve done front squats. And I have never done speed deadlifts. I’ll be able to jump up on weights pretty substantially next week. Did 100 yards sprints as a finisher, I’ve been doing 50 yard sprints forever, man that fricking extra 50 yards kicks your ass!! Last twenty yards I was puffing like a f’ing locomotive! Lot of new stretches and movements, while new and interesting I felt clumsy at times. Tomorrow is full upper body, looks like a pretty cool Group of exercises. Afternoon session for sure was effective.

Also on the log, 45 minute dog walk this morning at 6AM. Lots of strength guys are yapping about walking lately so going to try and insert into my normal morning lifting time slot, since I plan on continuing to rise at 4:45AM even though I’m lifting in the afternoon.

Todays Link: Review of Show and Go

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