Trading Tickers – The Long and Short of It by @kroyrunner89 – Chapter by chapter review – table of contents

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I will be reviewing and taking notes on a chapter by chapter basis of Tim Grittani’s trading DVD, Trading Tickers. Depending on the length of the chapters I would like to do at least one per day (Starting today 11/23/2015). Basically I will watch the chapters, and take notes in Evernote, I’ll then post a brief review of each chapter as well as include notes in each post. If you want an idea of what to expect check out the reviews of @investorslive DVD’s linked above.


All the posts will then be linked back here so it will be possible to click through each chapter from here.

Disc 1

Chapter 1 – Introduction and History (0:00:00)
Chapter 2 – Important Beginner Basics (0:22:08)
Chapter 3 – Basics to My Trading Strategies (1:36:41)
Chapter 4 – Educational Services and Daily Preparation (2:37:07)

Disc 2

Chapter 5 – Buying New Stock Promotions (0:00:00)
Chapter 6 – Buying OTC Multiday Breakouts (2:41:03)
Chapter 7 – OTC Short Setups (4:44:17)
Chapter 8 – Buying Major Daily Breakouts (6:23:55)

Disc 3

Chapter 9 – Shorting Lower Highs into Spikes (0:00:00)
Chapter 10 – Shorting into Daily Resistance (0:48:47)
Chapter 11 – Shorting Overextended Gap Downs (2:00:19)
Chapter 12 – Shorting into Bounces (3:10:40)

Disc 4 Webinar 1/3

Disc 5 Webinar 2/3

Disc 6 Webinar 3/3

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