Trade Plan for 12-29-2015 – $AVXL, $CNIT, $EARS, $FXCM, $REXI, $ROVI, $RWLK, $SUNE, $WTW, $NURO

AVXL – Pop’s over $6.00

CNIT – SS @ $2.25

EARS – SS @ $4.50

FXCM – Reassess in the afternoon, ideally a fad/HOD reject

REXI – SS @ $6.00

ROVI – SS @ $18.00

RWLK – SS Pops in the high $15’s

SUNE – I’m short overnight, ideally cover < $5.00 WTW – Watching pop’s.

NURO – Would like to short, but real low float, let it play out at the open and make a plan post 10AM.

3 thoughts on “Trade Plan for 12-29-2015 – $AVXL, $CNIT, $EARS, $FXCM, $REXI, $ROVI, $RWLK, $SUNE, $WTW, $NURO”

  1. Hi Tim. Just have some questions on your trading plan. I’d appreciate, if you find some time for reply.


    1) Why exactly your plan was to short CNIT, EARS, REXI, ROVI, RWLK at these price points. Were you looking to short at this prices or to risk off of them? Could you give some brief explanation?

    2) Which of these tickers have you traded this day? Were you satisfied / frustrated on these trades at the end of the day?

  2. 1. Basically these are prior support/resistance levels on a daily chart. Or they are areas where I think longs will sell or shorts will give up.

    2. I traded SUNE and RWLK yesterday and didnt totally nail them, but was please. ROVI was a miss that I do regret.

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