Trade Notes: $TRXC – 4-6-2016

2016-04-06 14:03 – SS Starter @ $5.66, looks to have topped and could fade into the close. Stop at $5.75

2016-04-06 15:04 – Not much happening here, looks like it will hold, unless I’m green I will not hold overnight.

2016-04-06 15:19 – Will hold until the close unless it goes to my stop, will not hold overnight. Will prefer to short higher or the breakdown tomorrow.

2016-04-06 15:31 – Covered @ $5.69 annoyed by $DRWI and not going to “try and make this work” by holding longer.

2 thoughts on “Trade Notes: $TRXC – 4-6-2016”

  1. Yeah, that thing is in some pretty serious sideways action right now. Surprised it hasn’t broken out of the channel… was kind of expecting SOME kind of breakdown.

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