Trade Notes: $RGLS -2/17/2016



8:29AM – Started in pre on pop back to $9.00

Small size just starter, conference call going on. Will only add to winner in pre.

8:58AM – Holding $9 pretty well no adds in pre. Willing to let it bang around in pre, but will be quick after the open.

9:05AM – Pull to $8.60’s but now bounced to $9.00, again no adds in pre.

9:14AM – Acting stronger, looks to spike at the open.

9:15AM -Somewhat postive tweet from AdamF.

9:30AM – Set closing order at $8.50 in case of quick pull.

9:31AM – Covered, looks to keep fading hard, oh well low stress trade.







3 thoughts on “Trade Notes: $RGLS -2/17/2016”

  1. Do you do this for every trade? Looks like an awesome way to document the thought process during a trade and to make sure you’re keeping to your plan ! Will try to incorporate this in my trades.

  2. I “kind of” do, but more mentally, after my annoying silly trades yesterday I renewed my vow to document better.

    All day yesterday I told myself I was too early on $QUOT and should not even be in $FCX, but I ignored all my self talk.


    12:21 PM Need to get better at small losses, scaling into losers not working.

    1:56 PM Just too early on $QUOT

    2:22 PM $FCX silly real company chase.

    2:35 PM Started $QUOT at 9:35 way to early.

    2:55 PM $QUOT Day 2 should have waited for bigger spike, jonesing for trade too early.

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