Trade Notes: $QUOT 2-17-2016



9:36AM – Starter @ $9.00 based off $GRPN weakness

9:39AM – Pre market plan “Target: PLEASE give me $9.50-$10 or will look to fade if $GRPN gets weak.” Will look to add as long as $GRPN continues to fade.

9:45AM – Not real happy about this pop above $9.00 still watching $GRPN SPY, both weak.

9:47AM – $GRPN continues to fade, looking to add pops.

9:51AM – Won’t add over $9 this early though. Seems to be basing there, may push higher before fading.

9:54AM – Going to continue to “try and make this work” as long as $GRPN stays under $4.00

10:04AM – Hmm looks like maybe my theory of $GRPN and $QUOT being couple is flawed. $GRPN keeps fading and $QUOT keeps grinding.

10:20AM – Already rode out the early squeeze, stop at $9.30, look to add to winner and fade all day.

10:29AM – Running out of patience, but $9.30 is resistance and a double top.

10:44AM – Ok tops is in, time to start planning adds.

11:02AM – Gonna take a quick break and reassess, basically flat right now.

11:31AM – Grrr.. $GRPN on lows $QUOT popping up a little a bit.

11:42AM – Added into bounce off of $9.30 and $GRPN fading/getting ready to crack.

12:18PM – Nice pull going to try and hold out for Green to Red.

2:04PM – Sitting pretty much on LOD’s, $GRPN little perk ideally a fail on $GRPN to really pull $QUOT

2:41PM – Time to start looking to exit, trying to hold for a wash, but $SPY strong and $GRPN strong, and this is down a lot.

3:44PM – Will be out by close, probably a decent overnight hold, but busy tomorrow.

3:51PM – Covered at $8.43, just wish $SPY wasnt closing on HOD’s or else I’d hold over.

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  1. Thanks! Lately I’m been going against my “self talk” in my head, so I’ve decided to go back to writing it down for more discipline.

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