Trade Notes: $JCP 2-29-2016

$JCP followed the plan, didn't work market weak and this is strong.

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2016-02-29 9:33 am – Real stock, but starting with a small starter for a fade later.

2016-02-29 10:41 am- Hoping for $10+ to add.

2016-02-29 2:20 pm – added @ $10.12 market weak, following plan, stop at HOD.

2016-02-29 2:38 pm – Add under $10 otherwise ditch.

2016-02-29 3:12 pm – Market eating shit and this is holding up, super lame, had a good feeling once SPY faded hard.

2016-02-29 3:19 pm – Covered at $10.20 tried it, didnt work holding up for a reason.

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