Trade Notes for 8-13-2015

9:14 AM $EBIO Target @ $6.00, $OHGI $3.00, $SA pop’s over $6.00, $HALO $21, $NVAX $14.50, $SUNE $15+

9:28 AM Moved $EBIO to $6.50, let it set a top

9:32 AM SS $EBIO @ 6.00 too early. Just trying to get feel stop at $6.50 covered $5.75 nice early trade

9:34 AM $HALO taRGET $20.75

9:37 AM Starter on $SUNE @ $15.21

9:41 AM Good quick trades on $EBIO and $SUNE, scalps but its the first 10 minutes good starts

9:43 AM Probably missed $NYMX moving target to pops – $3.10

10:00 AM Start on $SUNE @ $5.75 waited for my move stills strong, will wait of exhausting to add. Stop at HOD

10:14 AM $HALO @ $20.60 watching for entry, not much volume though.

10:15 AM $NVAX watching $13.80

10:23 AM This is where I should add to $SUNE @ $15.90 out of steam

10:26 AM Should be long $CAPN starter based on IL warning with stop @ $3.20- (Aug 13-10:22) InvestorsLive: CAPN DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE

10:27 AM SS Starter $NVAX @ $13.90

10:31 AM Should be starting $SA here @ $6 on $NUGT fade

11:06 AM $NVAX will look to add under $14.00

11:38 AM Covered $SUNE, this goes much lower, but held for so long. Just bored. Should have added and held more aggressively.

11:46 AM $NVAX Stop at HOD, getting annoying.

11:52 AM Starter on $HALO to thin, but hit my target, trying to have conviction.

1:11 PM $FIT ABCD at $42.80 good support at $42.50

1:42 PM Add to $HALO, seems to have put in top, annoying grinding, but want out by EOD. STOP at $21.30’s

1:42 PM Terrible, terrible, miss on $SA easy layup play

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