Trade Log – Covered $CLF

Exit: $10.66

P/L: -$342

Notes: Meh, mediocre play, let it grind back on me, but stuck to my stop. Tough to short on days like this, need to flip my bias. I’ll still watch to see if pops hard, if it grinds I’ll ignore.

2 thoughts on “Trade Log – Covered $CLF”

  1. You dodged a bullet on this one lol. I was also eying it for a short but it got kinda tight similar to Oct. 28 when it squeezed a few bucks. My plan was to short only quick spikes not grinding action but when the news came out I hesitated, the right news + beat chart can lead to some explosive price action and I don’t wanna get caught in front of it haha.

  2. Oh I agree this was a shitty setup and a bad trade.

    At least I stuck to my stop loss and kept it acceptable.

    I don’t like this type of chart at all, I was just fishing for trades and for some random reason settled on this one.

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