Trade Log – 9/24/2014 – Shorted $BBRY @stockrealist this is for you!

Ticker: $BBRY

Entry: $10.82

Position Size: 1000

Stop: $10.86

Target: Low $10’s


Boredom trade… But several reasons.
1. Blackberry is doomed longterm.
2. That new phone is stupid and looks like a calculator.
3. Major hit piece out from UBS.
4. The fact that they try calling that dumb new phone an “Iphone killer”. I’m no Iphone fanboy, but come on if you were going to “kill” the iphone, I think you need to do a lot better than that thing.

Risk to reward wise its pretty good I think, worst case it goes sideways, best case that UBS report sinks it.

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