@thenorthface, nice $250 boots that can’t keep up with a computer guy.

I make it a point to only purchase products that will last. I put my faith in the name of The North Face with intentions that a pair of boots would be able to keep up with me for at least a few years. Glad to see your supposed quality and “Never Stop Exploring” slogan can’t get you to crank out a pair of boots that can last more then a year of walking on carpet and sitting at a desk 5 hours a day.

I have no idea where these boots were manufactured and could really care less. I don’t care if they are foreign made or American made, they are shit.

Unless your past experiences are highly divergent from mine I would make it a point to avoid North Face products ESPECIALLY if you plan on putting your life in their hands, ie climbing a mountain, like they want to feature on every damn page of their website.

I do like the look and style of these boots, if anyone could offer me a recommendation, preferably American made, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve grown rather tired of the annoyance of water leaking in the sides of BOTH boots the one time a month I manage to step in a mud puddle.

The only thing that about this whole experience that makes me smile is the irony of one of the most prominent blowouts being located directly on the North Face logo..

2 thoughts on “@thenorthface, nice $250 boots that can’t keep up with a computer guy.”

  1. My Raichle boots (they were bought by Mammut a couple years ago) lasted through 1 tough month of hiking, then through three years of heavy urban use, followed by a few more years of light use. Even then, the boots are still in good condition (if ugly) and I just need to get them resoled.

  2. Michael,

    Thanks, Mammut has some pretty good looking boots in the style I want, the Peak and Crest are sharp. I’ll do some more research!

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