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“It was the housing bust!” That cost me my house. Then my family. Then my job. Then I couldn’t get a new job. Then I got depressed. Then I had to take medication. Then and then and then! BLAH!

Every day there’s bad news. I’ve worked for enough newspapers to know that the news is bad for a reason. It’s not like there’s only bad news happening. But they only REPORT bad news.

Picture you’re in the jungle. To your left is a donut tree (I love donut trees) and to your right is a lion. Which one makes your brain light up more and pay attention.

The newspaper industry knows that you will pick up a paper that has a lion on it that is about to eat you. If you’re American then you certainly aren’t hungry so the donut tree can wait.

“It’s Obamacare!” “It’s the government bailouts!” “It’s Greece!”

I like the last one. Everytime Greece is in the news every stock investor I know loses money because “It’s Greece!” and then you turn on TV and people even uglier than me are talking about Greece like it’s a Hiroshima on the economy.

Then they forget about it for awhile (“it’s Ebola!”) and then it’s back in the news again.

Solution: Macroeconomics is largely a myth. It’s just an extra thing to study in college so they can justify charging you $40,000 a semester.

Even politics is a myth, particularly in the West. How much has a President really moved the needle on your life.

If you’re in the army (i.e. you work for the President) then they might move the needle. But largely the President, the Congress, some judges, etc maybe move the needle 5-10% on your life only once in awhile.

So ignore it all. People say, “but don’t you need to be informed?”

About what? I can’t really think of anything I’ve ever been informed about that has significantly changed my life. I like to focus on the things I love, not the things I’m informed about that disappear tomorrow.

via The Ultimate Guide To Self-Sabotage.

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