The two scans I use for 99% of my watchlist.

I keep it simple when scanning, other then checking yahoo finance for big gainers, or finviz etc, I run these scans EVERY night. They are simple, probably exceedingly so, but they work for me.


Percentage gainers:

show stocks where close gained more than 20 percent over the last one day and price is between 1 and 10
average day range is above 3 and volume is more than 100000
Red candle floaters:
stocks where close is above upper bollinger band(20) and close is below open and price is between 1 and 10 and volume is greater than 100000
offset is 0

11 thoughts on “The two scans I use for 99% of my watchlist.”

  1. Thanks for the post and the direction. I’m pretty sure this is in response to my question asked on the side bar here on your site. After I asked it I realized I couldn’t put my information in as to who was asking! haha.

    Look forward to learning more!

  2. @matt, cool, glad I could help!

    @yenk, the scans can be used for either, but 90% of my trading is short biased. I try to focus on what I’m good at. And I am simply not good at buying, I’m much more successful at shorting.

  3. Good morning Tim! Do you still run these scans? The red candle floater scan is pretty interesting! Although I don’t think a lot of stocks come up from this scan right?

    Also, just wondering , why do you scan for stocks whose volume is greater than only 100k? Isn’t that considered to be illiquid?

  4. Yep still run them every day.

    The old standby red candle floater has not been as useful lately, but I still do run it every day and check the tickers.

    And yes you are right I ignore the stocks that illiquid but I still like to see them.

  5. Hello Tim,
    I’m experimenting with your scans just to learn. With no StockFetcher membership each scan says the results are delayed. From that I assume a membership is required to see actual up-to-date results of these basic scans? Any guidance you can provide is appreciated, thanks.

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