Watchlist 6-4-2014 – $SARA, $YOD, $GIGA, $LIVE, $SYPR, $QRHC

I’m going to start going back to old school techniques. Feel like I’ve been overtrading lately. Trading many momentum stocks for piddly profits. I hate scalping but it seems to be the rut I’ve fell into lately. Going to revert to my trading rule of 0-3 trades per day. I’m making money trading a bazillion times a day, buts its annoying and tiring.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance


Play is probably over on this, but maybe get a spike to short into again. I had an order set at $2.40 to short but never hit submit, then watched it fade all day.



I shorted this yesterday for decent profits, then re-entered right into the close. Probably another scalp but I think it has a decent chance to fade away over multiple days.



Still no shares at $IBKR, but I will keep checking 100 times a day until this cracks.



Cut and paste comments from $GIGA.



These are the “old school” plays I mention above, lower volume but look to be easy fade setups.



Watchlist 3-18-2014 – $YOD, $MNGA, $KNDI, $CDTI, $JVA

Solid day yesterday, no huge wins but a nice consistent green day.

List from 3/17/2014: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (YOD) -NasdaqCM

More “netflix of china” hype, made some small money on the long side yesterday, now I’ll be stalking for the fade. Hopefully it really goes vertical.


Magnegas Corporation (MNGA) -NasdaqCM

Looks to be some pretty “hypish” non news on this, this is probably my number one short watch today.


Kandi Technolgies Group, Inc. (KNDI) -NasdaqGS

Kicking myself for not holding this short overnight. Instead of just making meal money, I think this could turn into a very solid short.


Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (CDTI) -NasdaqCM

Not real fond of this chart, but I like the concept of shorting CDTI, would be nice if it could spike big time. I think there is great potential here but could be a slow and boring fade.


Coffee Holding Company, Inc. (JVA) -NasdaqCM

Another miss from yesterday, but while I don’t think it will drop like a rock, I think this could be a nice fader. Only drawback is lots of news about commodity prices spiking lately. If it doesn’t crack today I’m done with it.