Watchlist for 10-7-2015 – $PACB, $RJET, $BCEI, $AA, $WG

Today’s Watchlist

No recap video yesterday, I lost power about 3:30 and by the time it came back on I’d moved on to doing other things.

Ended up green on the day, but over traded again. I primarily blame $PACB, I don’t even know how many times I went in and out, even flipped long at one point. I traded probably 5 tickers, no surprise I made no big profits on any of them. I am not good at managing multiple positions and will invarible close out as soon as I see green. Less is more, will focus on that today.

Not crazy about a lot of these, almost everything on scan is a beat down chart spiking up. Those types of charts are hard to set risk on, if they are down huge, you never really know how much they can come back. Tons of tickers on scan, just not that many I like.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (PACB) -NasdaqGS

As mentioned annoyed by this one, going to use the @investorslive method. Watching for weak open then red/green. Or parabolic to get short. If it just kind of bangs around I’ll ignore. Done focusing on this one all day.


Republic Airways Holdings Inc. (RJET) -NasdaqGS

Made peanuts on this, knew I shouldn’t short fading but thought I’d try it, of course it held up. Back to my original plan of only shorting a parabolic.

Target: parabolic towards $7.00


Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc. (BCEI) -NYSE

Shorted this from $7.00 to $6.90, whoo hoo!! Probably cracks but I’ll only short a big move up.

Target: Para towards $8.00 ignore grinding


Alcoa Inc. (AA) -NYSE

Not a fan of “real” stocks, but I’ll watch this for a squeeze type move.

Target: $11.50-$12.00


Willbros Group Inc. (WG) -NYSE

Random watch item, probably will be no volume, but I like the chart.

Target: $2.50