Watchlist for 4-8-2016 – $LEI, $CPXX, $DRWI, $TRXC, $SKYS, $GNCA, $VVUS

Today’s Watchlist

Meeting this morning so I will miss the open. Which while normally I’m annoyed by today it doesn’t bother me as much, ton of tickers on watch again, will look to reassess and replan when I get back around 10:30 or so.

Small gain on $RLYP like the story and my entry, but $SPY so weak this afternoon.

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Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI) -NYSE MKT

After missing the buy at the open, I was to ornery to try the short, kind of silly to not be more versatile. Oh well.. Looking to short any sort of pop or squeeze out.


Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPXX) -NasdaqCM

Been watching this for a while and last night got a bash by Cramer. Will look to short but only later, odds are the “home gamers” will make whatever the first move is the wrong move. Probably gaps down then grinds back all day.


DragonWave Inc. (DRWI) -NasdaqCM

Not crazy about shorting this on a Friday, ideally it holds up for Monday,though I may look to join if it gets really shitty breaking down today.


TransEnterix, Inc. (TRXC) -NYSE MKT

Almost entered this like 3 times @ $5.60, decided to layoff, it then cracked hard minutes later. Would have been mostly luck, but bummer would have been a great win. Looking to short pops today.


Sky Solar Holdings, Ltd. (SKYS) -NasdaqCM

Watching for morning push then a late day fade.


Genocea Biosciences, Inc. (GNCA) -NasdaqGM

Pops to high $6’s or a late day fade with set risk.


VIVUS Inc. (VVUS) -NasdaqGS

Looking to short a crack under $1.70


Watchlist for 4-7-2016 – $DRWI, $SEED, $VVUS, $SKYS, $RPTP, $KTOV, $CNAT, $STXS

Today’s Watchlist

Kind of an annoying day yesterday though, I just made two feeler trades. Thought I saw a squeeze coming on $DRWI, but on a chart that big its best to always stay short bias. And I shorted $TRXC mainly out of boredom looking for a setup. In hindsight that chart is just a grind up, and of course that’s what it did to me ground up, annoyed me and I covered for a small loss.

Both trades I figure were FOMO related, even though my plan after several days off was to ease in, I ended up pushing something that probably wasn’t really there. Feeling better and more tuned in today.

Kept good notes on $TRXC, didnt on $DRWI, of course I followed my plan on $TRXC, will focus on keeping better notes and plans today.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

DragonWave Inc. (DRWI) -NasdaqCM

Watching pops out of the open, or late day fade.


Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) -NasdaqGS

Not much volume and note up that much will watch for spikes WITH volume.


VIVUS Inc. (VVUS) -NasdaqGS

Total grind mode, will keep chart up for a spikes, looking for longs to exit.


Sky Solar Holdings, Ltd. (SKYS) -NasdaqCM

Watching pops or breakdown under $4.00


Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. (RPTP) -NasdaqGM

Higher the better, looking to short with set risk at HOD.


Kitov Pharmaceuticals Holdings LTD (KTOV) -NasdaqCM

No volume, just watching to see if it picks up.


Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNAT) -NasdaqGM

Watching big pops/para.


Stereotaxis Inc. (STXS) -NasdaqCM

Watching pops.


Watchlist for 9-11-2015 – $LE, $VTAE, $AKBA, $KBIO, $VVUS, $SGMO

Today’s Plan

Nothing I am in love with, that being said everything on short watch probably fades all day. I’m just in defense mode after a great week. I have no desire to fight any battles on a Friday. Every day I try and “Let them come to me.” Today I’m going to be iron clad on that.

Missed fills like 5 times on the way down, crappy execution but I'll take the profits $MBLY

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Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Lands’ End, Inc. (LE) -NasdaqCM

Held this overnight because I was sitting very green and it was sitting on the edge of rolling over. While this could have several dollars of downside I have no desire to hold more than today. Ideally a crack for an exit and move on.


Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VTAE) -NasdaqGM

Keeps hanging around, ugly miss by me yesterday. Will look to short pops, but it’s Friday so will be careful on size.

Target: $14.50 or higher


Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. (AKBA) -NasdaqGM

Same thing as $VTAE if it wasn’t Friday I’d get more aggressive, ideally big spike to get small into. Hopefully they both hold up for next week.

Target: $10.50-$11.00


KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KBIO) -NasdaqGM

Target: high $3’s-$4.00


VIVUS Inc. (VVUS) -NasdaqGS

“Billionaire play” blah blah, everybody is looking for the next one. I’ve shorted this stock a lot through the years, but considering the hype about billionaire investment, AND the fact this thing was over $30 bucks a couple years ago. It’s a long only at this point. Highly doubt I’ll buy but it could have legs for sure.

Target: Buy over $2.50 on big volume.


Sangamo Biosciences Inc. (SGMO) -NasdaqGS

Showed up on several scans, but it really is not up that much compared to the chart. I’m only interested if it gets waaaay higher. Sure it probably fades right back, but I don’t like it here.

Target: Huge move $10+


Watchlist 7/15/2010 – Fat loss potions are hot!! $$

No big recent updates, I traded DSTI for a 13% gain in about 10-15 minutes the other day. But it fell to fast and I only was filled on 735 shares. Had I gotten the full 3K it would have been a VERY nice trade. Other then that not much interesting out there. NUSMF was nice but I couldn’t get any shares. I honestly can’t remember if my brokers didn’t have any or if I was to slow. If I was indeed too slow in NUSMF, and IB or TOS had shares I will be bummed. Since that is a perfect test case for my “long term short” strategy. I would have loved to get some in the mid twos and hold for weeks, maybe covering in the mid to low $1’s. DEAR was another stock I flat out missed, but I’m just to timid to short crappy banks unless I can do nothing but watch them while in the position, and I don’t have that kind of time.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Fat loss plays are huge this week! ARNA and VVUS both have news, but I’m very dubious. CELH is a slower riser but still, they make sugar water that is supposed to magically burn fat.. I’m afraid I may be a little to anxious to short this industry, but next to finance, there is no business so totally loaded with charlatans, liars, ex cons, and snake oil salesman! And those are the good guys in fat loss, I don’t think I have words for the bad guys… SHORT


Oil spill play, under a dollar and a pinksheet so not sure if I will play it. But it appears to be an absolute carcass up on total hype. SHORT


My number one short setup for sure!! But finding shares will be about as easy as finding a unicorn or even maybe as rare as a double rainbow! Up over 100% on some lame chinese media content deal. I will dig and dig to find borrows, but not looking good. SHORT


Kind of a flyer here, but looking for one more stock to add to the list. Obviously companies need money to operate but I find it odd that your stock price shoots through the roof when you sell off what appear to be core holdings of your business. Its like Microsoft selling off Windows and Office to concentrate on the mobile market. Just seems odd to me. SHORT

Watchlist – 7/13/2010 – 6 potential shorts. $$

Disappointing miss on VVUS yesterday. Oh well beauty of the market is everyday there is a fresh batch of opportunities. Actually my entire list ended up being fairly solid, just no trades so whats the point in bragging about it? Another busy day for me, so not sure how high the likelihood of making a trade is, but here come the shitty picks!!

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Nothing new to say from yesterday. Just tough to pick a spot to short since the spike is still pretty low volume. Probably worth taking a small position and holding on for the ride. SHORT


Wow!! Now this is a niiiice looking short setup!! Technical and really even more so fundamental! If I was smart I’d gobble up whatever shares I could find before they disappear. But odds are you’ll check back in a few days to find me crying about missing this sweet ass setup!! SHORT


EVERY spike this year has been a great short. Scary thing is this stock can run like few others I’ve seen. If you go in to heavy it could be a widow maker in minutes! SHORT


Nice looking chart and a total POS, but under a dollar so I will avoid. Going to be a killer short at some point though. SHORT


I’ve talked about this damn stock enough, I’m moving on… Worst part is, not only was it a great short yesterday, it could continue to fade for days and weeks. Tons of potential downside. But I feel I blew the high risk to reward play, just watching and crying now. SHORT

Watchlist – 7/12/2010 – Looking like another non trade day. $$

Sheesh, after taking Thursday afternoon and Friday off, I was hoping for a decent list this morning… And was very disappointed. This might be the most worthless list of shorts I’ve ever built. Most days like this I would just not even bother to post, but I’m up at 4:45AM and into the routine, and just spent a half hour digging so I might as well post the worthless charts I found. What setups I did find that were not absolutely horrendous I was unable to locate borrows. So all I can do is hope for some crazy ridiculous market jump to setup some fades this afternoon and some setups going into tomorrow.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Its almost embarrassing to admit, but this might be the best looking chart on the list for today. Bummer is, just not really enough potential downside to get excited about.. SHORT


Nasty, nasty looking biopharma. Not sure what the reason for the pop is though. Plenty of shares to borrow so I will watch closely. I’m afraid it will drop fast at the open, ideally it will run some more then fade in the afternoon. If it follows that pattern I may trade it. SHORT


A lot of these regional banks have been popping lately. I don’t think I have EVER traded any of them and will probably not break that streak. But this was a huge runner and great short last time so I feel obligated to at least keep an eye on it. SHORT


As mentioned last week, I probably would have shorted this had I been able to find shares. Somewhat glad I didn’t find any at this point since it really did nothing and I probably would have been stuck watching it while I had a couple days off. Would have been very annoying checking in on it while trying to ignore the markets. So somewhat a blessing in disguise. Shares are out there now, but I’m conflicted since it has held support at $3. Hmm, tough call at this point whether to trade it or just ignore it. If it cracks $3 it could fall fast and hard though. SHORT


Another losing trade prevented by taking time off! I tweeted this as I walked out the door and was feeling pretty cocky about a great short call! I think it was around $11.60 at the time and it squeezed all the way up over $12. Although it did fade late day nothing great. I’ll still watch but its stubborn, I think I’m just determined to trade it because of the fat loss pill tie in. Not sure thats a great thesis. SHORT

Watchlist 7/8/2010 – Back with another crappy watchlist.

Bummed to a certain extent that I havent posted any watchlists, but for once it has nothing to do with available time. Its simply due to the fact that I have seen NOTHING really solid to trade. There have been setups sure, but nothing great and nothing worth detailing in a premarket watchlist. Considering my #1 trading rule is to not trade out of boredom when the setups are not there, I have stuck to my discipline. I did make a trade the other day on ARNA, but really probably lucky on that one, I just could not resist shorting a company with a magical fat loss pill. So since this is supposed to be a blog with some Finance/trading info, here is a watchlist, but don’t bother trading any of these stocks…

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Three fat loss pill peddlers. I’m sure they are all shit, but I’m primarily watching VVUS after trading ARNA the other day. It appears that ARNA made some sort of deal to license their anti fatass magical potion to somebody so VVUS and OREX are up as well. OREX is lame and totally boring, I’m justing watching it because it is mentioned with ARNA and VVUS all the time. My only solid watch out of the three is VVUS, I almost shorted into the big spike late day yesterday around $11. It “could” have been a good quick trade since it dropped like a stone right at the close. A bounce after hours, so again timing would have had to been perfect. Plus I had no idea what the spike was about, who knows how high it could have ran?? Also FYI, VVUS is an easy borrow at Thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers. SHORT


I tried shorting this multiple times but could never find shares at my brokers. I had my eye on it already but considering Tim Sykes has been trading it, I have tried particularly hard to find shares. No dice. Its still an OK watch, but pretty solid multi day support at $3. Starting to look like it could get boring or even go up slowly. SHORT


Ick, look at that nasty choppy chart! I think I’m only watching this becuase its one of three stocks on my screener. If it were a normal day with ten to fifteen stocks I don’t think I would even pay attention to it. Also up on some pretty lame news, “qualified for use in Dell systems”. I’d be happier if it spikes more, at this point I probably won’t trade it. SHORT


I swear I have traded this in the past, but I can’t remember when.. They do appear to be a “real” company so that is kind of a bummer, plus the spike is nothing huge. But from what I can tell its up simply because they are reconfiguring a plant in Michigan’s upper peninsula to run on biomass for energy.. Whoop de do! Short