Watchlist for 12-18-2015 – $RWLK, $WNDW, $FSNN, $VLTC, $MYOS, $RUN, $SUNE

Today’s Watchlist

Yikes tons of tickers on watch, but my daughter is in a Christmas play at 9:30 so I’m not around for the first hour or so.

All of these are short watch except $RWLK, most likely $RWLK ends up a good short, but its Friday, its thin and the news is “government contract related”. I figure this could really squeeze today.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 12-1-2015 – $AVXL, $VLTC, $MNGA, $VTL, $HART, $NCTY

Today’s Watchlist

Hmm watchlist was very strong yesterday. I missed out on way more than I had thought. Had a bunch of stuff going on outside of trading. Was trying to manage a bunch of projects, emails, presentations, phone calls etc during the morning rush. Silly. All of this business could have waited for the mid day lull. This is something I need to work on. The hours of 8-11 should be locked down. Still profited yesterday on $VLTC but being busy with all of these things I never added to my starter so while the percentage gain was killer the dollar gain was just mediocre.

More focus today…


Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -NasdaqCM

Would like to build a position in this. Shorting pops, ideally an all day fade with another crack into the close.


Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Had I been more focused I would have been adding pops through the day. Then covered 1/2 into the wash at the close and held small overnight. Instead I was so small I just covered all when I left to go hunting around 3PM.

Target: Pops above or around $7.00


MagneGas Corporation (MNGA) -NasdaqCM

This stock always cracks me up when it pops, though I don’t know if I have ever shorted it. Very strong last week or so, price pushing and volume building, probably a solid long at this point for the breakout. But I’ll wait for a para to get short.



Vital Therapies, Inc. (VTL) -NasdaqGS

Closed super weak, will hope for pops early and grinding mid day then a perk for a short into the close.


Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. (HART) -NasdaqCM

Well I “nailed” this in so much as I said I would not short. Still just watching, hopefully it gets crazy to setup a backside move.


The9 Limited (NCTY) -NasdaqGS

Target: Looking to short the $4.20 level


Watchlist for 11-30-2015 – $AEZS, $CYCC, $EFUT, $VLTC, $HART, $NCTY

Today’s Watchlist

Great bunch of setups today, only problem is a lot of them are gapping down. Plus I’m going to try and avoid the “Shrek” stocks. If we learned anything from $KBIO, one mention on $TWTR or Livestream and shit can get wacky either way real fast.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Aeterna Zentaris Inc. (AEZS) -NasdaqCM

Probably dead meat based on Shrek’s bash. I won’t chase, but wait for pops.


Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CYCC) -NasdaqCM

Same as $AEZS


e-Future Information Technology Inc. (EFUT) -NasdaqCM

Again, see $AEZS and $CYCC 🙂


Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

I might actually trade this since its not on the “Shrek radar”.

Target: $8 or high $7’s


Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc. (HART)

I’ll keep watching, but this probably drops off the list pretty soon. Its hung around for weeks so unless it goes para probably just goes sideways or grinds higher.

Target: Big move up


The9 Limited (NCTY) -NasdaqGS

Closed at the HOD’s watching for a blow off top.


Non Watchlist for 11-27-2015 – $EFUT, $KBIO, $AEZS, $VLTC, $CANF

Today’s Watchlist

I had already thought about it yesterday, but seeing the crazy moves this morning has sealed the deal for me. I’m not trading today, while I know tons of money will be made on these stocks today, lots will be lost as well. My style is more of “grinder” and not a gambler. Couple times I thought, “Hey I’ll just buy 100 shares of KBIO “for the hell of it”. Then I think “Wait it could drop $10 a share in 10 seconds, am I really willing to risk $1K over some stupid guess.” And the answer is “No”.

I have said it for years on the day after Thanksgiving (of course I’m not the first to say this) but totally random shit happens. And this may be the most random of fucking random Black Fridays of all time with this Shrekli lunatic and KBIO.

I wish you all the best and will be back on Monday to see who is left alive 🙂

Just remember if you are trading $KBIO, this evil little creature is your competition.


Thanks to @investorslive for the meme:

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 11-25-2015 – $VLTC, $STRP, $SUNE, $PBMD,

Today’s Watchlist

Going to take it easy today, I’ll only trade prime setups. Plan on taking off at noon, I’d also like to take the time this morning to review another chapter of Tim Grittani’s DVD, Trading Tickers.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Very crowded short and day before thanksgiving, I’d like to short it, but its gotta get real crazy for me to get interested.

Good lesson here, I didnt cover the wash yesterday because I “wanted more” ended up letting it grind back to around even after having a nice profit. BUT I covered according to my plan, what happened a few minutes later, it spiked hard into a “hit piece”. Then the other rule I follow is NEVER HOLD A LOW FLOATER SHORT OVERNIGHT. This one is iron clad, and saved me all kinds of stress.

Looking for this to squeeze out everyone that does not follow that rule and comes in this morning, sees it at $11-12 and pukes onto their laptop.

Target: $11+-$12


Straight Path Communications Inc. (STRP) -NYSE MKT

I’m no “buy the bounce” guy, but this is sooo beat down, relatively low float and it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Will watch.

Target: Pullbacks to $8’s


SunEdison, Inc. (SUNE) -NYSE

Traded this ok in hindsight yesterday. As of yesterday I thought I really botched it, after hours big spike. But its weak today. I’m still long bias though.

Target: Pullbacks to $3.50’s


Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD) -NasdaqGM

Watching the breakout, but only on volume.

Target: Breakout over $1.40


Watchlist for 9-4-2015 – $TRVN, $KBIO, $JOY, $AQXP, $VLTC, $VRA

Today’s Plan

I’m still in “chill out” mode from the week gone. I’m a die hard short seller, and its always scary to short on Friday’s and doubly so going into holiday weekends. Solid list of setups here, but with the big jobs report coming etc. I’m only going to trade at my prices and probably small size.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Trevena, Inc. (TRVN) -NasdaqGS

Ugly miss on this yesterday, but I was committed to not trading out of the gate.

Target: Pop’s over $10


KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KBIO) -NasdaqGM

Target: $3.50


Joy Global, Inc. (JOY) -NYSE

Target: $19.00


Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AQXP) -NasdaqGM

No volume so just watching.

Target: Pop’s, $17+


Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Target: $8.50-$9.00


Vera Bradley, Inc. (VRA) -NasdaqGS

Target: $14.50


Watchlist for 8-18-2015 – $VLTC, $NURO, $S, $AVEO, $OHRP, $NUGN, $WIN, $LL

Today’s Plan:

Good day yesterday though slow. I implemented my plan and waited for $VLTC to come to me. Made it an easy low stress trade. Covered before EOD just to have no risk overnight. Will watch pops again. Bummer of a miss on $AVEO, but it never hit my target so I kept to my discipline.

Tough to complain about +30 cents a share but wow what a snoozer today… $VLTC

A photo posted by Timothy C. Bohen (@tbohen) on

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Target: Same as yesterday $8.40’s-$8.50


NeuroMetrix Inc. (NURO) -NasdaqCM

Target: Big pops ideally goes +100%


Sprint Corporation (S) -NYSE

Target: +$5.00


AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AVEO) -NasdaqGS

Target: +$2.00


Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OHRP) -NasdaqCM

Target: +$3.00


NuGene International, Inc. (NUGN) -OTC BB

Target: Pops, ideally over $3.00


Windstream Holdings, Inc. (WIN) -NasdaqGS

Target: Para type move – accelerating over previous days.


Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. (LL) -NYSE

Came super close to shorting HOD’s yesterday, but this is one of those I want to try and avoid. But you look at the chart and reading the news and just feels like its going to collapse 50% at some point.

Target: $14.50


Watchlist for 8-11-2015 – $VLTC, $INO, $TTI, $AVXL

Today’s Plan:

All these gold and oil stocks are all over my scans, annoying.. After a crazy and insane day yesterday, not seeing much interesting this morning. Looks like its going to be one of those days where most of the watches and trades will come out of pre market movers.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Feel silly to have wasted all day watching $AQXP and not trading $VLTC. Could have let all the madness flow into $AQXP and made much “easier” trades on $VLTC. I did have an order in that I cancelled, when $AQXP went parabolic $VLTC followed. In the end it would have been a great entry at $10.99 but would have been a scary ass squeeze. But damn it hurts to look at that chart after the spike…. All day fade.

Target: $10.50


Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INO) -NasdaqGS

Thought about trading this several times, but all the “Cramer pump” news kept me away. I’m short biased but hoping for a pop to enter.

Target: $9.00


TETRA Technologies, Inc. (TTI) -NYSE

NYSE and oil and gas, blegh… Anticipating a spike after the open. Will look to short that.

Target: $7.50


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -Other OTC

Seems like forever I’ve been following this. It dropped a little yesterday, but I’ve just never felt like there has been a good entry. I think its crowded hence the reason it keeps holding up. I’ve got an alert for any big spikes. It will go on ignore soon if it just fades.

Target: Big spikes to new highs.


Watchlist for 8-10-2015 – $AQXP, $VLTC, $AVXL, $EMKR

Today’s Plan:

Several crazy low float runners this morning. Thought about going long $AQXP at about 6:45am, but chickened out. Feeling very high on the FOMO scale this morning so I’m going to force myself to be patient or play puny size at the open.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AQXP) -NasdaqGM

Obvously this has to be on watch, but I have no idea how to trade it right now. Its up sooo much I can’t get myself to buy it. And its so low float, that I can’t short it either. Going to avoid early and ideally it becomes clearer as the day goes on. I’m still short biased of course, but it appears borrows may be hard today.

Target: Not sure right now…


Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Seems to have popped and now dropped in pre, ideally another short squeeze at the open.

Target: $11.00


Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -Other OTC

Keeps hanging around, it’s a POS for sure, but annoying that it just hangs around and hangs around. I’ll short but only into a big move, I think if you try and fade it you will just get squeezed out or bored to death.

Target: $1.50’s


EMCORE Corporation (EMKR) -NasdaqGM

“Back burner” setup. Will look to fade on weakness.

Target: Fading action, pile it at $7.00


Watchlist for 7-27-2015 – $ITEK, $SLTD, $CALA, $RBCC, $NTLS, $VLTC

Today’s Plan:

Travel day on Friday so no trades, looks like I missed some solid action on $ITEK. Glad to see more true POS pennystocks in play, while I was green last week it was annoying trading $GPRO, $FIT, $PYPL etc. Every stock on watch today is a POS. Thats how I like it!

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ITEK) -NasdaqGM

Though I’m sure plenty will make money I’m going to try and avoid this out of the gate. Ideally it squeezes first thing, then fades all day. Will devise a plan to try and set risk on a HOD type setup.

Target: Fade after spike to new highs.


Solar3D, Inc. (SLTD) -NasdaqCM

Watching for a spike to get short into, ideally squeezes out weekend shorts.

Target: SS @ $4.20 with a risk on $4.50


Calithera Biosciences, Inc. (CALA) -NasdaqGS

Target: Looking to short spikes with risk on $10


Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) -Other OTC

Illiquid OTC stock, but how can you NOT want to short an aquarium coral company that has moved into some sort of bio 3D printing blah blah, and is up like 600%!?!?

Target: $7


NTELOS Holdings Corp. (NTLS) -NasdaqGS

Target: Short pops with risk on Friday’s high.


Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Last on my watch list on purpose, I try to ignore these types because “everybody” is watching it. Mainly keeping on radar.

Target: Pop’s to $8.50 risk on $9.00