Watchlist 4-25-2014 – $VAPE, $LLEN, $GWPH, $BIOF

Another pretty boring day for me yesterday, BUT another green day so hard to complain. Finally shorted $BIOF and made $500ish, really wanted to hold 1/2 overnight but then it spiked right at the close. I covered all to protect my profits. I’ll be watching it closely again today.

At the time of this post (7:30) futures are getting pretty shitty, looking forward to a more volatile day, Wed and Thurs were very slow.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Vape Holdings, Inc. (VAPE) -Other OTC

One of my primary goals for the future is to learn how to play these OTC’s better. I bought this at $4, watched it for five minutes, it dropped below $4 so I sold. About 1 minute later it shot straight to fucking FIVE DOLLARS!! So instead of making thousands I lost a couple hundred bucks. Bummer is I’m always so short biased its like torture holding a long. But at least I made the right call, just traded it like dog shit.

Should continue to be interesting today.


L & L Energy, Inc. (LLEN) -Other OTC

LOVE this chart, but looks like its going to be real hard to find borrows. IB has a few but not enough to make it worth trading. I’ll be ALFSS.


GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) -NasdaqGM

Another personal improvement project for this year is to start studying and trading higher priced stocks. By default I have avoided this ticker all week just because its a $70 stock. In hindsight its probably the best play of the week, and could have been traded with good R/R on several days. I just automatically see a stock over $20 and it gets ignored.


BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) -NasdaqCM

Fought and battled with this thing, I left bloody and bruised but with profits. Way to much work and too hard though. I still think the ethanol business is shit, this stock is probably shit, but when you get a guy like Einhorn behind it, the odds of it really cracking hard are probably pretty low. There’s probably some dude sitting in a dark basement somewhere and his only job is to buy when this thing starts fading. I’ll watch again today, but unless it does something interesting I will not keep wasting time typing this ticker into my terminal.