Watchlist – 7/21/2011 – $CDTI, $TBBC, $VALV

Another rushed list, but I showed up, again need to get out the door and get after the days work. Hoping to spend a little real time tomorrow to put something more substantial together.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


This has become so choppy that it probably isnt worth trading, but I have a grudge to settle. I went short a small amount when it cracked $7 late day. Not a great setup but want to get back some of what I lost on Monday. (Will try and get a video recapping my idiocy trading $CDTI and $ICGN this week, I botch two trades completely, but somehow end up only down $200.) SHORT


No play for me here, but I just can’t express how much I LOVE getting hard copy promotional mailers!!! Its also hilarious it shows up in my mail box after dropping 50% in a couple days. Guess I better buy the dip!!! I’m probably last in line on the mailer so probably no real long opportunity here either. Plus I suck at buying pumps. Only on the list for entertainment value. I’d also like to do a video on this mailer, it is slick as heck, but ridiculous! LONG – SHORT – WHO KNOWS?


This was such a better setup 2 days ago, I went short small again (1000 Shares) at right around $3.15, hoping for a big crack when it broke through $3. Never happened and rebounded a little. It could still fall, but I’m thinking it bangs around and gets boring real fast. SHORT

Watchlist – 7/15/2011 – $AEA $AGXMF $CDTI $ICGN $JVA $OCZ $POTG $VALV

Alright due to a bunch of emails and DM’s I’m back doing watch lists. This one may be a little lame but first day back in the groove.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


I saw this the other day and completely missed it, easy to borrow and super easy chart to short. Scared I may still enter though its probably way to late. SHORT


To low volume, but I like the chart. SHORT


Clean diesel eh? I’m currently short a measly 1000 shares, but hoping buy a few 30 gallon tank fills for my Duramax with this turd!! SHORT


To crazy of a spiker for me to short, but I have no doubt there will be profitable drops, but timing will be a bitch. SHORT


Another miss, but I don’t think I would ever short a $30 stock, though this one was hella profitable short. Just watching out of curiosity now. SHORT


I almost bought this a week ago, ugh, still a solid longer term play I think. LONG


The most “popular” pump and dump out there right now. There have been borrows on and off, but I’m too timid to short 80 cent stocks with any kind of size to make it worth the time. Just watching. SHORT


Not sure if this is up enough to make it a high risk/reward short, but watching closely. Love shorting chinese stocks! SHORT


Hmm kind of forgot how much fun it was putting these together. That 30 minutes flew by, need to remind myself to stick with it!