Trade Plan for 6-14-2016 – $BSPM, $DRAM, $EMES, $HHS, $HMNY, $SPHS

Hmm kind of a snoozer so far..

$BSPM – $4.25

$DRAM – Long at yesterday’s high, if I miss, which is likely, will look to fade late day.

$EMES – Start at $10+ ideally add at $10.50 with stop around $11

$HHS – Short at High $1’s stop over $2

$HMNY – Ignore earlier, ideally big spike fade late day HOD reject.

$SPHS – SS under $2, add into wash.

Trade Plan – 6-13-2016 – $EMES, $EBIO, $SPHS, $BSPM, $GBR, $HHS, $HMNY

$EMES – Hopefully a pop back towards $10

$EBIO – Look to buy around VWAP, hopefully a weak open then push back above $3

$SPHS – Short Pops above $2.00

$BSPM – SS @ $4.25

$GBR – Hoping for a pop to $2.70’s for SS

$HHS – Rush through $2 and fade back.

$HMNY – Back watch for big spikes.

Random: I nothing works on watch will be watching social stocks for sympathy to $MSFT/$LNKD

Trade Plan 5-16-2016 – $MGT, $GSAT, $ADXS, $LGCY, $CCXI, $ADRO

$MGT I can’t bring myself to short this unless it gets totally nuts $3+, will look to go long if it holds $2 with risk on $1.80’s

$GSAT – SS $3+

$ADXS – Short pops to high $6’s

$LGCY – Short pops to high $2’s

$CCXI – Watching any pops.

$ADRO – Watching for a squeeze out and late day fade.

Trade Plan 5-5-2016 – $LGCY, $MITK, $SYNC, $UNXL, $RYAM


$LGCY – Hoping for rush to $3.50’s for SS risk against last week’s highs.

$MITK – Let it run, then fade under $8.00

$SYNC – Short bias but later, ideally really squeezes early shorts.

$UNXL – Want it, but much higher, thinking if it fails it could just sit in the $2.50’s so I want more meat on the bone.

$RYAM – Would like to get more out of this than I did yesterday, but been to see how it trades and if there is any volume. May just be a non play.

Trade Plan – 5-2-2016 – $PTX, $AG, $GLBS, $PRGN, $APOL


Pretty slow this morning.

$PTX – Will look to short if it gets crazy, but I don’t expect much out of it.

$AG – Hoping for a pop to $11 and fade.

$GLBS, $PRGN – Looks like the shipping run is dun.. Probably a solid swing fade, but I’ll watch for a squeeze out, otherwise I’ll ignore.

$APOL – Like the chart and love shorting paid college plays, but not sure on this buyout news.


New month, not in any hurry to chase anything, will wait for more/better setups, but gonna be real patient at the open.

Trade Plan 4-20-2016 – $UNXL, $CPXX, $ONCS, $PTCT, $SGYP


Like this but will be cautious, relatively low float and a followup PR this morning. Ideally morning rush then HOD reject.


Watching for lower volume and a fade to join into.


Watching for long if it holds VWAP.


Will look to short with yesterday’s highs as a stop.


Watching for a pop and fade, could crack here but I won’t chase.


A little confused on this price target “upgrade” but still short bias.

Trade Plan 4-19-2016 $SGYP, $PTCT, $RPRX


Watching for weak open then reclaim of VWAP to get long.


Would short pops to $8.50 with a stop on yesterday’s high $8.70’s


Tough to think long on something several days in, but this is the definition of a “everybody is short”crowded trade. Will watch for a weak open, then push back above VWAP/Red to Green