Oh how I miss the good ol’ days when I had time to short stocks…. $TNGS

Much like HHWW, TNGS was an easy predictable 50% drop, alas I was on a job site with no access to a PC all day. I may just spend the entire day today alternating between crying and punching myself in the face…

Note the prediction here:

Then check out the beautiful short setup yesterday:

Watchlist 12/17/2010 – $TNGS

Considering I completely and blatantly missed the beauty of HHWW, I’ve decided to put a stock on watch for todays post. Not sure when and if it will collapse and shares appear to be very hard to come by. But even if you are a babe in the woods of the stock markets, please take a moment to review the chart of HHWW below:

Focus most of your attention on the mid day 50% drop!! And try to imagine the joy that red candle brings to the face of a dedicated short seller, then consider the pain experienced when said trader completely misses the trade and only sees it hours after the fact.

Nevertheless after reviewing the above chart please take a peek at the below chart of today’s stock TNGS, and offer a guess as to what may be coming in the most likely VERY near future!