Book Review: Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age – Clay Shirky

Very cool and SHORT book! Before I get to the review, I wish more book writers, especially business book writers would not stick to what I call the “300 Page” rule. Almost every book I read is almost exactly 300 pages and quite frequently its obvious the writer is just trying to write words to hit a certain page quota. This book was 200 pages of VERY solid content, very very little fluff.

One of the main ideas in this book is centered around is how technology has allowed humans to now replace wasting time with media consumption with spending time creating media and content. One of the greatest things I have always thought technology allowed us to do was replace TV watching and other mind numbing worthless tasks with learning and creating. This block of time that had in years past been spent watching TV or reading shitty newspapers is a huge untapped pool of “Cognitive Surplus”.

Also a lot of social network discussion, which I was a little bored by, but I’ve heard it all before. Very inspirational book when it somes to productivity, especially in the aspects of learning, reading and writing. And particularly making the best use of the time you have!