Watchlist – 7/21/2011 – $CDTI, $TBBC, $VALV

Another rushed list, but I showed up, again need to get out the door and get after the days work. Hoping to spend a little real time tomorrow to put something more substantial together.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


This has become so choppy that it probably isnt worth trading, but I have a grudge to settle. I went short a small amount when it cracked $7 late day. Not a great setup but want to get back some of what I lost on Monday. (Will try and get a video recapping my idiocy trading $CDTI and $ICGN this week, I botch two trades completely, but somehow end up only down $200.) SHORT


No play for me here, but I just can’t express how much I LOVE getting hard copy promotional mailers!!! Its also hilarious it shows up in my mail box after dropping 50% in a couple days. Guess I better buy the dip!!! I’m probably last in line on the mailer so probably no real long opportunity here either. Plus I suck at buying pumps. Only on the list for entertainment value. I’d also like to do a video on this mailer, it is slick as heck, but ridiculous! LONG – SHORT – WHO KNOWS?


This was such a better setup 2 days ago, I went short small again (1000 Shares) at right around $3.15, hoping for a big crack when it broke through $3. Never happened and rebounded a little. It could still fall, but I’m thinking it bangs around and gets boring real fast. SHORT