Watchlist 8/11/2010

Still brutal trying to put together an interesting watch list. A few with decent charts but no great stories to comment about. So I’ll go with another no comments list today. All potential shorts.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Attempt number 1,232,343,334 to crack $7.30 – $7.20. SHORT



There is no way in hell I will short this, but fun to watch.


Really really really wanted to short this in the mid $3’s yesterday, but did not understand all the implications of their weird dividend. Important rule is if you don’t get the setup don’t trade it. Annoying that it cracked without me though. SHORT


Crack $8 already… SHORT



Chinese cable tv supplier, SHORT

Watchlist 8/9/2010 – August doldrums continue. $atml $crox $nano $onsm $rjet $solr $wwww

Since it was the weekend, nothing really to recap. I went over my most recent trades in this video Friday night. Nothing crazy interesting on the screens, and futures are more or less sideways, looks to be shaping up to be another boring August day.

Also of moderate interest, I have the rough draft of part 2 of a chapter of my Pennystocking ebook posted here, please offer any comments or criticism.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Ugg, I hate picking “real” companies like this to short, but the runup just seems way over done for some ugly plastic shoes that seem to make my kids trip and fall down whenever they wear them. SHORT


Strong chart, strong earnings, but I can’t buy in. Highly doubt I will trade it but I still foresee it fading back once the volume dries up. SHORT


This is my best pick for sure. Not that its a great pick, its just the best out of the bag of trash I have today. Up huge on some sort of “virtual kiosk” technology. Sounds very 1999’ish. And I am almost forced to short ANY company that has auto playing music when you visit their website. SHORT


Ugh, an airline, another segment I try to never touch. But the chart doesn’t look too bad and it showed up on my faders scan. For lack of better tickers to watch I’ll keep an eye on it. SHORT


Perennially good short. And all of these bottom tier solars seem to pop and fade over and over again. Easy borrow so I’ll watch. SHORT


Same old boring story, still holding and still waiting. Basically sitting at flat. SHORT


Sorry for the extra brief comments today. Not that my commentary is ever that in depth or useful, but really hard to come up with anything to say about these lame picks…