Watchlist – 6-26-2012 – $ARNA, $HNR, $OSIR, $SNTA,

I continue to be haunted by what could have been with $ARNA, after watching it all last week I failed to trade it in any way. Alas thats part of being a part timer I suppose, but truly heart breaking to see it break down without me along for the ride. Stil watching $OSIR and $SNTA closely for a short, should have probably went long both of them already. While they are both crappy in their own right, I don’t think either will end up being as nice and easy of a short as $ARNA was/is. Not to mention shorts are hard to come by on $OSIR, I know they are out there, but my broker ($IBKR) has not had any, or if they have had them, they are all soaked up every time I check.

I went short $HNR late yesterday, gee guess why? Perhaps out of boredom? Hmm why else go short a NYSE stock that just got $700 million? I mean, I like the fading volume/price on the chart, but this stock could easily go no where for a looong time, meanwhile I’m wasting mental energy staring at it, cursing for it to fall apart. Considering I will be very busy and AFK a lot today, I’m just hoping for a quick drop that I can scalp. I have my alerts set and will be anxiously awaiting that SMS.

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