Watchlist 7/26/2010 – Boring list to follow up on a boring week.

No trades and nothing worth watching towards the end of last week. Boredom looks to continue this week. I managed to get my ass stuck in ARNA by working on the go all day Friday. Dumb. Hopefully it was just a lame Friday afternoon short squeeze but the stock has gone from looking pretty weak to now looking strong. Something a part time trader should NEVER do is get into a position when you can’t pay it full attention. That is normally one of my primary trading rules. Hmm guess I broke that one eh? Fucking stupid… Futures were up when I went to bed but now this morning they are fading, annoying. It would be nice if the market would get decisive and go one way and stick to it instead of this chop. Well here are five stocks barely worth watching.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


I’ve said enough already, now I just need to decide to hold until their drug is proven worthless and continue to get squeezed or just cut and run. Still a short in my opinion, but not right now based on the chart. SHORT


Shady looking biotech, lame little spike, but I see no reason for it. SHORT


A few shares out there to short, I’m tempted to take them into Friday’s spike. Good chance this stock ends up right back at a $1. SHORT


Ton’s of positive news, big revenue gains, analyst upgrades etc. Somewhat “real” company so I will probably just watch, but curious to see where this big spike goes. SHORT


I’ve been watching this for a week and would really like to short. But everyday I hesitate and the borrows dry up at IB. They are back again today, I just need to get decisive and enter a position. This stock will almost certainly tank 30% soon. Just a bummer its right at a dollar, I would like to see it run more before shorting. SHORT

Watchlist – 7/13/2010 – 6 potential shorts. $$

Disappointing miss on VVUS yesterday. Oh well beauty of the market is everyday there is a fresh batch of opportunities. Actually my entire list ended up being fairly solid, just no trades so whats the point in bragging about it? Another busy day for me, so not sure how high the likelihood of making a trade is, but here come the shitty picks!!

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Nothing new to say from yesterday. Just tough to pick a spot to short since the spike is still pretty low volume. Probably worth taking a small position and holding on for the ride. SHORT


Wow!! Now this is a niiiice looking short setup!! Technical and really even more so fundamental! If I was smart I’d gobble up whatever shares I could find before they disappear. But odds are you’ll check back in a few days to find me crying about missing this sweet ass setup!! SHORT


EVERY spike this year has been a great short. Scary thing is this stock can run like few others I’ve seen. If you go in to heavy it could be a widow maker in minutes! SHORT


Nice looking chart and a total POS, but under a dollar so I will avoid. Going to be a killer short at some point though. SHORT


I’ve talked about this damn stock enough, I’m moving on… Worst part is, not only was it a great short yesterday, it could continue to fade for days and weeks. Tons of potential downside. But I feel I blew the high risk to reward play, just watching and crying now. SHORT