Beer and Stocks Episode 3

Another on location episode, this time while ice fishing at a local lake. Bear with the camera work a little, my son gave it a five star effort but we didnt think to put his gloves on before starting recording. Even at 7 minutes length, 5 degrees Fahrenheit gets cold fast! After taping he warmed up fast on the heater and with a hot bowl of soup!

We only caught one good sized fish but it was a VERY nice perch!

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Story related to bloggers beating analysts on AAPL’s fundamentals

Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer

Questions for you the 3-4, people who will see this video:

What do you think of the on locations? Good idea/Bad idea? Other then the shaky camera.

I want to keep the video’s short, but also feel I’m rushing, thoughts on the length?

More in depth analysis on the actual trades? Again due to time constraints, I basically just throw out the P/L and thats it, no real thesis or justification or analysis of the trades.

Any other ideas or random comments on how to improve?