Book Review:Public Speaking in an Instant: 60 Ways to Stand Up and Be Heard – Keith Bailey and Karen Leland

Very, very cool little book. While a lot of the info was pretty much common sense it was nice to have it all bundled up in a quick and concise format. I doubt I’m significantly better at public speaking now, but I did for sure pick up numerous solid tips and feel like this book was a perfect springboard for further research.

I would also say if you’ve never read any books on presenting or public speaking this would be a TERRIFIC place to start. Again while it was far from a be all end all reference tome, if sparked a lot of ideas and further piqued my interest in reading more on the topic.

This may be the first book in several years I was bummed to have read on my Kindle. I could see this title being a handy reference to have sitting on a bookshelf to grab and review while prepping for a presentation. While the Kindle serves a great purpose it will never approach the handiness of a paper book when looking for a quick review of a topic.