Watchlist for 11-25-2015 – $VLTC, $STRP, $SUNE, $PBMD,

Today’s Watchlist

Going to take it easy today, I’ll only trade prime setups. Plan on taking off at noon, I’d also like to take the time this morning to review another chapter of Tim Grittani’s DVD, Trading Tickers.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Voltari Corporation (VLTC) -NasdaqCM

Very crowded short and day before thanksgiving, I’d like to short it, but its gotta get real crazy for me to get interested.

Good lesson here, I didnt cover the wash yesterday because I “wanted more” ended up letting it grind back to around even after having a nice profit. BUT I covered according to my plan, what happened a few minutes later, it spiked hard into a “hit piece”. Then the other rule I follow is NEVER HOLD A LOW FLOATER SHORT OVERNIGHT. This one is iron clad, and saved me all kinds of stress.

Looking for this to squeeze out everyone that does not follow that rule and comes in this morning, sees it at $11-12 and pukes onto their laptop.

Target: $11+-$12


Straight Path Communications Inc. (STRP) -NYSE MKT

I’m no “buy the bounce” guy, but this is sooo beat down, relatively low float and it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Will watch.

Target: Pullbacks to $8’s


SunEdison, Inc. (SUNE) -NYSE

Traded this ok in hindsight yesterday. As of yesterday I thought I really botched it, after hours big spike. But its weak today. I’m still long bias though.

Target: Pullbacks to $3.50’s


Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD) -NasdaqGM

Watching the breakout, but only on volume.

Target: Breakout over $1.40


Watchlist for 8-17-2015 – $AVEO, $ONTX, $OHRP, $PBMD, $EBIO, $PLNR

Today’s Plan:

Good list of tickers, I actually like almost all of these, following up a very solid week last week of letting trades come to me. Plenty of time ahead of me this week so I’m in no rush to chase.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AVEO) -NasdaqGS

This is probably a pretty solid setup right now (8:30AM @ $2.60) but I want it higher.

Target: Starter at $3.00 add higher


Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (ONTX) -NasdaqGS

Probably done for, but watching for big spikes.

Target: Para/squeeze type move, no grinds.


Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OHRP) -NasdaqCM

Up solid in pre looking to short highs from a couple weeks ago.

Target: $4.00


Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD) -NasdaqGM

Target: $2.00


Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. (EBIO) -NasdaqGM

Ugly miss on Friday, easy layup. Will wait for late shorts to get squeezed.

Target: +$5.00


Planar Systems Inc. (PLNR) -NasdaqGM

“Red candle floater” will look to fade high $5.00’s

Target: $5.90-5.75


Watchlist for 5-26-2015 – $ONTY, $PBMD, $AVEO, $HNR, $SGYP

Today’s Plan:

“Grindish” day Friday, nothing too exciting. But I traded my plan, sometimes it just doesn’t work. None of these setups are that great, looks like another day to battle to be patient.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Oncothyreon Inc (ONTY) -NasdaqGS

Thought about going long this Friday, and it would have worked out pretty well. Big goal this summer is to get better at buying morning momentum. I’m short bias, but its gotta get much higher for me to trade it.

Target: $3.50


Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD) -NasdaqGM

Target: High $3’s


AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AVEO) -NasdaqGS

Target: $2.75


Harvest Natural Resources Inc. (HNR) -NYSE

Target: Pops, $1.90


Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SGYP) -NasdaqGS

Traded this for pennies Friday, never cracked, even though the profit was shit, I’m happy with how I handled it. Cut it quick and didnt sit there and hope.

Target: $4.50


Watchlist for 5-21-2015 – $PBMD, $ISR, $MNGA, $BSQR, $ONTY, $AMCN,$MNKD

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” ― Dale Carnegie

Today’s Plan:

Interesting day yesterday, I lost money, but I traded well IMHO. Sure the wise man in me says I should have just left $PBMD alone till later in the day. Then at that point there would have been no temptation to short it.

But mid morning it was a juicy setup for sure. As you see below, I waited for my entries, none of them were rushed. And in hindsight I shorted basically the only two weak points it showed all morning. Then covered as soon as it didn’t work. I did not get stubborn and did not add.

But that being said I’m a little rattled mentally, I think more because of reading all the tweets from a lot of guys that I greatly respect. I’m going to REALLY be patient this morning and just watch/plan/think. If I make a trade today it will only be a late day fade/crack style setup.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Prima Biomed Ltd. (PBMD) -NasdaqGM

Let it do its thing, may be at $10 may be at $2, but while I’m interested its on ignore till after noon.

Target: Late day reassess


IsoRay, Inc. (ISR) -NYSE MKT

Same plan as PBMD, I’m short biased but not in the morning.


MagneGas Corporation (MNGA) -NasdaqCM

They keep pumping out PR’s hoping this gets crazy but waiting for topping.

Target: $1.75


BSQUARE Corp. (BSQR) -NasdaqGM

Hoping for one more push then a fade off.

Target: $6.50


Oncothyreon Inc (ONTY) -NasdaqGS

Shorting any pops, even small ones.

Target: $2.50


AirMedia Group Inc. (AMCN) -NasdaqGS

Traded this ok yesterday, covered into a small crack because of watching PBMD, thought it was poor at the time, but this ended up grinding all the way back.

Target: $6.20


MannKind Corp. (MNKD) -NasdaqGM

Been fighting this here and there all week, it seems to be holding this $4.70 level, if it can spike to $5+ I’m interested.

Target: $5