Watchlist 8-21-2014 – $DGLY, $JRJC, $TASR, $HGSH, $COYN, $MOBI,

$COYN, my sole amazing long pick, I added this just because it came up and solely based on the name. I’m assuming it may move based on Ferguson.

Todays Trading Plan:

Struggling with trading half days this week. I’ve made pretty decent trades, but have rushed them to get out by noon. My primary focus is $JRJC, either a hard move to $10 or a crack under $9.15. Secondary watch is $DGLY, over under $6.50. Other than that, I’m going to push to not trade today unless it is just to good to miss. Tired of mediocre setups this week.



Watchlist 8-19-2014 – $JRJC, $MOBI, $FREE, $BDR, $ACHN

Looks to be another big up day into the open. I told myself to be patient yesterday and wasn’t. Should have been around to trade $JRJC late day, but got so frustrated I mailed it in mid day. Struggling mentally in this annoying grind up market.

At least we are having fun outside of market hours so this trip is still a success: TRAVELING PART TIME TRADER – DAY 8 SUMMARY