Weekly trading recap – 6/18-6/22

Nothing great but not bad for my first week back being an active “Part Time Pennystocker”.

Watchlist – 6-21-2012 – $ARNA, $OSIR

Well I’ll be honest I’m mailing this list in today, I’ve just put about 10 minutes of effort into it. But I’m instructing two classes today: http://www.cmsinter.net/blog/?p=718 They each run about 4 hours usually so there is no way I’ll have time to trade. If I try and squeeze in some trading it will only distract me from what I need to get done. Thats part of the game as a part time trader, there will be days when you are just flat out of the markets. But hey, staying in cash is better then losing money.

Full list from Yahoo Finance



Watchlist – 6-20-2012 – $ARNA, $CIGX, $LQMT, $OSIR, $PVA

Today’s list is of shorts is so mediocre I’m going to really struggle to make any comments. Whoops I actually have a buy in here as well, $LQMT, is a short term buy based on $AAPL hype. I have no idea how big their partnership with $AAPL is, but if the main stream media gets a hold of it, it can pop for sure. I just hope I’m in and out today and not trapped in this annoying thing waiting for something to happen.

$ARNA, and $OSIR are still solid shorts I think, I would had hit them both yesterday but shares on both dried up mid day. Had I shorted pre market or right at the open I could have gotten in. But that is often the worst possible time to short, so I’m glad I stayed away. Would love to get a position in $ARNA at some point, but I’m afraid my passion to short a company that makes a pill to make fat and lazy people lose weight may be clouding my thinking.

Still no great picks, but I will continue with pressing on. There is money to be made in this market, just not easy money right now.

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Daily Recap – 6-19-2012

Another pretty boring day trading wise, not much to report. I did miss a short on $ARNA based on no borrows available.

Nothing amazing today, but I think it set’s up to be a nice short. Maybe I can get an entry in tomorrow.

Other trade was complete and utter “jonesing” for a trade. I bought some $LQMT late day on a newsletter pick. This stock is historically annoying as hell, so we’ll see.

Watchlist 8/16/2010

Sorry for the lack of watchlists, but just really struggling to find any good pre market setups lately. While my trading results have been decent recently most of the plays have been spotted mid day and not pre. Another day with nothing to great to watch. Someday maybe I’ll learn to play momemtum stocks long instead of short. But from what I read even the long biased guys are seeing a lot of boredom lately too. But that is summer and especially August, I’m sure it will pick up soon.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Crappy gold miner. Looks to up on some positive results of a mine in Mexixo, blah blah. SHORT


Same fat loss pill story, I really wish there were more stocks out there so I wouldn’t have to fall back on watching this thing.. But encouraging looking fade Friday, I wanted to short all day but held off till the very last 2 minutes. SHORT


Nice profit on this twice last week, held waaaay to long on Friday, but tried to be patient. Not sure how to play it today, but it should be interesting.


Alt energy play, up big because Obama drove by the outside of the factory and waved as he passed. Bummer its under a dollar and shares are hard to find, otherwise this might be my number one short watch. SHORT

Watchlist 8/11/2010

Still brutal trying to put together an interesting watch list. A few with decent charts but no great stories to comment about. So I’ll go with another no comments list today. All potential shorts.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Attempt number 1,232,343,334 to crack $7.30 – $7.20. SHORT



There is no way in hell I will short this, but fun to watch.


Really really really wanted to short this in the mid $3’s yesterday, but did not understand all the implications of their weird dividend. Important rule is if you don’t get the setup don’t trade it. Annoying that it cracked without me though. SHORT


Crack $8 already… SHORT



Chinese cable tv supplier, SHORT