Watchlist – 6-29-2012 – $ARNA, $HNR, $KWK,

Well considering I’ve hacked and slashed my way through this week with nothing significant to speak of trading wise. I”m gonna wrap this watch list up with not much effort. Funny how I came into the week with such high hopes and tons of motivation, then rapidly gave up all will to trade. Nothing to do with losses, I’m still up on the one actual trade I made this week, but so many missed solid opportunities made it very frustrating to bring up a quote box and see all that happened without me being involved.

Besides the fact that the day job has been over the top busy and stressful this week. It only made trying to trade doubly frustrating. But alas, I have no desire to trade full time and missed opportunities and the inability to trade at times are part of being a part timer. Trading is truly a roller coaster, enjoy it when its good and ride it out when its bad. These week is currently being rode the fuck out…

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Ooooh baby look at those two BEAUTIFUL shorting opportunities….