Watchlist 7/19/2010 – Mediocre shorts and overpriced stocks. $$

I really have no idea why I am bothering with putting together this watchlist. NOTHING that fits my style is coming up on screens. But I’m up at 4:30am at my scheduled watch list building timeslot and I’ve run countless screens to try and find a decent setup so I might as well post what I found. No matter how pathetic and worthless.

Since the market was crushed again Friday, there just are not any good pennystocks to short. My only trade on Friday was closing out my IDiotic trade on ID, which I somehow managed to magically make a profit on?!?! Of course I will give all the credit to a pathetic “crashy” market on Friday. Any other day and I would have most likely taken a loss.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Considering the profits I’ve made on this stock, I highly doubt I will touch it again. But it did have a decent bounce day, and I will NEVER believe in fat loss pills. Probably not up enough either, had it REALLY popped I would be much more interested. SHORT


Bunch of shenanigans here, a merger and a reverse stock split it looks like? I didn’t really dig very hard but anytime the AMAZING MAGICJACK! is mentioned I’m interested. If there were shares to borrow I would spend the time to research more, but since there are no shares I’ll just watch and let someone else figure it out for me… SHORT


Probably should have shorted this last week. It looks to really crack then fade, but at the same time somewhat boring. A few shares out there, so maybe it would be a good longer term holding? SHORT


A very “realish” company plus way out of my usual price range. But still up over 3X from a few months ago. Really doubt I will trade it but I think it could be the best short out there right now. SHORT


Again, way out of my price range, but I’m very skeptical of electric cars. This is more and more looking like a failed IPO, but any sort of magical flying car news, or government sponsored battery plants can make this pop so risky. SHORT

Watchlist 7/16/2010 – RIP all ye fat loss formula peddlers. $$

Well my fat loss pill thesis finally paid the bills yesterday! I’ve been yammering about the impending collapse of all of the recent hot fat loss pill peddlers. And while I didn’t expect it to happend in quite such an explosive manner, it happened nevertheless. VVUS’s latest remix of “speed” failed to get approval by some sort of FDA panel and all of the sector was CRUSHED.

Since VVUS was closed for trading I took a shot at ARNA and while risky I felt safe since ARNA was just up in anticipation of news by a competitor, they had no pending news that I knew of. While I was confident ARNA would go down, I had NO idea it would crack over a $1 in 5-10 minutes. One of those drops when you get paralyzed on the buy button wondering, “when the hell is it going to stop going down?!!?” Nice quick profit.

The dilemna is since I could do nothing but watch ARNA, I ended up getting trapped in ID overnight. I shorted ID on a huge spike based on buyout news. Afterwords I realized it was a mistake and had every intention of dumping it before close for a small loss. But again, ARNA had me hypnotized. Down a couple hundred bucks unreallized on ID right now, so nothing to terrible. Maybe I can get a little morning fade and make some money. Highly unlikely though since the buyout news appears to be real. If it goes up or sideways I will dump quickly.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Pretty much recapped above, but check out that scaaaary chart!! If I didn’t know what to do as a short, the longs were probably puking their guts out!! 🙂 Kind of a bummer the site doesn’t show afterhours, I’ll post a chart of VVUS later, yikes!!! SHORT


Finally a few shares of this at my broker, since the borrows are out there I will watch it. But getting pretty boring pretty fast. SHORT


Mistake mentioned above, who nows maybe I’ll get lucky. But at this point thats all I can do, is hope for luck, shitty… SHORT


Just another crappy biopharma, but wait I don’t think they make a fat loss pill, why are they up!?! Its not their turn 🙂 Easy borrow at my broker so its worth watching. SHORT


Exact same explanation as KV-A, just a different ticker. SHORT


I missed this yesterday, no real play now since its already down so much. But I’m curious to see if it will end up right back where it started. SHORT