Watchlist – 8/6/2010

Odd day yesterday, made a trade right in the morning on WWWW and ended up basically flat after stupidly holding through a predictable morning spike.

Then made my first ever futures trade on wheat. I made several tweets pointing out about how this book, is a bad influence. Reading about all the masters of the universe trading 10 Billion of commodities and currencies starts making a ham and egger like me think he can do the same. Very foolish! The trade was successful and fun, but I doubt I will do that again anytime soon. Perhaps after tons more reading and research.

Very little on the watch list today, though I break the rule from time to time I pride myself in NOT trading. Any moron can hit buy, buy, buy, and sell, sell, sell, but it takes an actual “trader” to only make solid risk/reward trades. Idiot “retail investors” and bag holders can trade all the crappy setups they want. I refuse.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Well I was more or less proven right, they issued a stock offering today. Though it was at prices still above where I wanted to be. But whoop de do about being proven right, I want to make fricking money!! No real play now though I still don’t doubt it will end up tanking, I don’t think those fools at Deer Management know what they are getting themselves into. Nevertheless their buy will support the price so it will be a yawner. Maybe a good long term short, but waaay long term. SHORT


This came up on my “faders” scan, probably not worth playing but a mildly interesting chart. SHORT


Basically the same as ISTA, no great reason to short, just showed up on the same scan. SHORT


I rambled incessantly about this stock in my video recap yesterday. No new developments since then. SHORT