Watchlist 3/2/2012 – $ALIM, $GRH, $IRYS, $LOGL

Overall one pretty solid pick from yesterdays list, $LOGL. While you probably would have needed to be short O/N Wednesday since it really panicked right out of the gate. I’m glad I can still spot a decent short here and there. Other then that nothing to interesting from yesterday and really only one compelling pick today, $IRYS. Making money wise it will probably be pretty random and worthless but there is an interesting back story with it. So it will probably be my main watch for the day. Unless something crops up pre market or during the day.

Considering I’m short biased 90% of the time, Fridays are the one day that I will often go long into momentum stocks. I almost never make money taking the long side, but when I have its been on Fridays.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Still watching this for the hell of it, if it holds up another day its of the list.


A fracking company with “Green” in their company name, I like that combination for a short setup!


I’m currently long this stock, purely out of curiosity. I’d like to possibly do a “real” blog post or maybe even a video about it. But the story is just developing, I figure I’ll wait to discuss after the chatter settles down. Its a huge hub bub in the pennystocking gutter right now, and I really want to see how it shakes out before commenting.


Considering the big drop yesterday this is off my watch, just posting the chart as an “I told you so.”, long term it will probably continue to fade. But now that the big drop is done, I’ve lost interest.