Watchlist – 6-22-2012 – $ARNA, $IDNG, $OSIR

Well been a pretty crappy week to trade, non stop chop and just never been any great setups to short into. The two I’ve been yapping about all week $ARNA and $OSIR, just keep going up. I’ve never seen shares of $OSIR and every time I have a chance to short $ARNA it spikes.

Appears this week will not be it for those two. Other then that I made money this week but with a couple of non “pennystocking” trades. But I picked a funky week to get into more active trading.

At this point I’m just glad I’m going into Friday profitable. I’m going to do my best to NOT trade today unless something super tasty comes up. I really do not want to turn a profitable week in very non ideal conditions into a loser.

Full list from Yahoo Finance