Watchlist 4-17-2014 – $BAS, $MNTR, $CXDC, $FXEN, $HK, $PBR

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Basic Energy Services, Inc. (BAS) -NYSE

Thought about shorting this about a half dozen times yesterday, but just never got a good feel for an entry. I’ll be watching very closely today. I think once it starts to roll over it could crack hard and be a solid multi day fader.


Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) -Other OTC

While the chart on setup is only “ok” I would love to get short this. Best I can tell they are some sort of Weed hedge fund. Thats the sort of ridiculous business I love to short on a fundamental basis. Ideally this spikes for some reason to setup a better short entry.


China XD Plastics Company Ltd. (CXDC) -NasdaqGM

This is almost the opposite thesis as $MNTR, I like the chart on this ticker, but they appear to have a very “real” business. Lots of revenue etc. But I do like the chart setup. Probably a better long than short, but hey I can’t fight who I am, short biased as all getout.


FX Energy Inc. (FXEN) -NasdaqGS

I bought and sold this real quick yesterday for a quick couple hundred bucks. Of course my exit was terrible. Anytime I buy a breakout I invariably let it run, then sell when it fades back, minimizing my profits. I think I sold $4.15ish in the morning, it almost immediately shot to $4.28. I’ll be watching for fading today and a crack back below $4.


Halc (HK) -NYSE

Steady uptrend and a strong chart, but shitty little frackers are a delectable short. If this fails to break out today, I’ll be looking to get short.


Petr (PBR) -NYSE

I’m short this overnight and basically sitting flat on it. I placed the order based on the chart and the ticker, I did not realize this was I think the Brazil national oil company… Not exactly the type of POS I like to short. Chart looks very fadish and setting up for a crack, but I have no idea the fundamentals or why, how or what this will trade like. Not real happy to be holding it, I’ll have a very short leash, but damn if it can crack $13 its mother fucking party time!