Watchlist – 7/25/2011 – $AMD, $BWOW, $HEAT, $SHZ, $SINO

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Its a real company so I won’t short it, but other then $RIMM, there is no other real stock I would looove to short. Perennial POS… SHORT


Really sketchy looking chinese company up huge on a what looks to me to be a pretty small contract win. Of course I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t dig that deep into it. Perhaps its for real. But any chinese stock up 400%ish mid day is gonna land its ass on my watch list. SHORT


Well this short has lost most of its HEAT,, hhahaa ugh.. Probably no great play today, I just brought it over from Friday so that I could continue to torture myself over missing the play. SHORT


Stupidly went long this Friday afternoon as some sort of “Momentum Play” and doubly stupid held it over the weekend. I may be long, but I have no edge and have no idea what it will do. Terrible. LONG


I’m stalking this on the short side because I totally blew it on the long side. I saw it spiking and could have made a huge play but instead just watched it go up without me. So if I know myself I will probably stupidly short into a bad setup and lose money. Instead of just leaving it along and moving on… SHORT