Watchlist 8-25-2014 – $CDZI, $DGLY, $HGSH, $HIMX, $JRJC, $MY, $XGTI, $FREE


Illiquid but I’ll be looking to short on any fading/weak price action.



I’m short bias on this one, but tough to call. Positive news and lots of hype around Ferguson and cops being outfitted with camera’s.



Short bias on this, will look for entries under $6.



I’ll be looking to buy this, lots of potential upside.



I think this is the best short out there right now, just really hard to get an entry its so jumpy.



Another potential buy, looks like positive earnings, but its Chinese so most likely sketchy.



Another potential buy, I’ve made money on this on the long side before.



Perennial short setup, biggest scary thing is that it is has not cracked yet, stubborn stock for sure.


Watchlist 8-22-2014 – $JRJC, $DGLY, $FREE, $AMCF

Well I don’t see that much too exciting today, AND I’m back to sitting in the front seat of my truck trying to trade sitting outside the Whitefish Community Center in Paradise, MI. The wifi actually works pretty well, one of the better connections I’ve had this trip, but damn, my neck already hurts 45 minutes in.

Its also the last full day of the trip so I’m most likely gonna mail it in trading wise and spend some time fishing and checking out the outdoors.  Tahquamenon Falls

Plus Yellen is speaking at 10AM, I have no idea about what, but it will probably make the market do some wacky shit. I’m green on the week so no point in trying to trade against these headwinds.



Watchlist 8-19-2014 – $JRJC, $MOBI, $FREE, $BDR, $ACHN

Looks to be another big up day into the open. I told myself to be patient yesterday and wasn’t. Should have been around to trade $JRJC late day, but got so frustrated I mailed it in mid day. Struggling mentally in this annoying grind up market.

At least we are having fun outside of market hours so this trip is still a success: TRAVELING PART TIME TRADER – DAY 8 SUMMARY

Watchlist 8-18-2014 – $ACHN, $AMCF, $DANG, $EXAS, $FABU, $FREE, $LRAP, $PIP, $PLUG

Pretty crappy connectivity today so I’m not going to post charts. Decent set of stocks though market looks to gap up big, I’m going to really try to sit on my hands at this point and into the open. My goal for this week is to trade less, and try and take bigger moves when I do trade. Way to much scalping last week.

Watchlist 12-30-2013 – $PVCT, $FREE, $KNDI, $WPCS

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Trashbag pharmaceutical company,I’ll be looking to fade.



All the deep sea shippers are on short watch, $FREE’s chart seems to grab my attention out of all of them.



Up huge Friday and up again big this morning pre market. I think there is real news behind this, but I’ll wait for the hype to fade.



This will always be a short for me, $BCOIN hype related.