Watchlist – 6-28-2012 – $ENTR, $HNR, $HZNP, $OSIR

Well a complete debacle of trading yesterday…. I allowed myself to get squeezed on $HNR which was completely idiotic. Then as soon as their conference started the stock completely fell apart and dropped a dollar in minutes! Did I cover for a nice profit? NO! I could not find my keycard to login to $IBKR, so I was forced to franticly run around trying to find it, by the time I did the stock was roughly back to where I originally shorted it. So I decided to just ride it out another day. There were three decisions made in that process and ALL THREE of them were bad… I need to get out of this stock as fast as possible today, it is just not for me.

Glad to see that $ARNA can finally be completely pulled off my list, they received approval for their fat loss pill, which I highly doubt works and probably makes people crazier then bath salts, but anyway its approved I can move on to other stocks. Still pretty bummed I did not trade it ONCE over the last couple weeks.

I had high hopes for this week trading wise, but we are rapidly approaching the end of the week, and not much to brag about. But I’ve said it a million times, one of the greatest attributes of the stock market is there is always another day with another batch of new opportunities.

Full list from Yahoo Finance