Watchlist for 7-5-2016 – $VMRI, $EMES, $SGY, $RYI, $TERP

Today’s Watchlist

Back with daily watchlists, will be back to consistency. Nothing amazing on watch, lots of similar setups, not looking to short any sideways charts. I’ll look for big pops or fades that ideally turn into late day cracks.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Valmie Resources, Inc. (VMRI) -OTC BB

Lot of action in this lately, I have not traded it up till this point. Would like a pop to $1.50’s with risk on Friday’s high.


Emerge Energy Services LP (EMES) -NYSE

Never like trading commodities especially oil, but will consider shorting this if it gets above $12 or if it starts putting in lower highs and looks to fade.


Stone Energy Corp. (SGY) -NYSE

Again oil and gas.. Similar to EMES setup wise too, will watch pops or look to join a fade.


Ryerson Holding Corporation (RYI) -NYSE

Interesting chart, though a little too “real” for me. Will not join this grind, but setting an alert for a big rip to give exits to longs and start the fade.


TerraForm Power, Inc. (TERP) -NasdaqGS

Another play like a lot on watch, hoping for a big para or looking to join fade.


Watchlist for 6-16-2016 – $EXAS, $HMNY, $EMES, $SPHS, $BSPM, $CNXR

Today’s Watchlist

Busy day today with lots of projects, going to set alerts and only trade if they trigger. Done ok this week but been overtrading and back and forth alot.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Exact Sciences Corporation (EXAS) -NasdaqCM

Look to short a push to $10 or a breakdown under $9.00


Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (HMNY) -NasdaqCM

Super low float so should have been more interested in the long the last few days, but now its just up to much. I think its impossible to borrow, but if it gets to $15+ again I’ll look to short (if I can).


Emerge Energy Services LP (EMES) -NYSE

Short at $11 or under $9.


Sophiris Bio, Inc. (SPHS) -NasdaqCM

Fought this all day yesterday, ended up with a small loss, was way too patient, held $2’s all day. It probably randomly cracks at some point, but after trading in the teens and $2.20’s all day I wont short unless it spikes to the $2.40’s


Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BSPM) -NasdaqCM

Will set an alert in the $5.50’s but will be reactive, will only short a para not a grind.


Connecture, Inc. (CNXR) -NasdaqGM

Money loser, but also seems “real” watching $2.50’s


Trade Plan for 6-14-2016 – $BSPM, $DRAM, $EMES, $HHS, $HMNY, $SPHS

Hmm kind of a snoozer so far..

$BSPM – $4.25

$DRAM – Long at yesterday’s high, if I miss, which is likely, will look to fade late day.

$EMES – Start at $10+ ideally add at $10.50 with stop around $11

$HHS – Short at High $1’s stop over $2

$HMNY – Ignore earlier, ideally big spike fade late day HOD reject.

$SPHS – SS under $2, add into wash.

Watchlist for 6-14-2016 – $DRAM, $HMNY, $SPHS, $EMES, $GBR, $HHS

Today’s Watchlist

Decent day yesterday though a little slow. After missing $EMES when it did EXACTLY what I wanted, I got pretty pissy and told myself not to force anything out of a grudge… I do have one overnight short that is working at this point. Will post a trade plan like usual around 9AM.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Trade Plan – 6-13-2016 – $EMES, $EBIO, $SPHS, $BSPM, $GBR, $HHS, $HMNY

$EMES – Hopefully a pop back towards $10

$EBIO – Look to buy around VWAP, hopefully a weak open then push back above $3

$SPHS – Short Pops above $2.00

$BSPM – SS @ $4.25

$GBR – Hoping for a pop to $2.70’s for SS

$HHS – Rush through $2 and fade back.

$HMNY – Back watch for big spikes.

Random: I nothing works on watch will be watching social stocks for sympathy to $MSFT/$LNKD

Watchlist for 6-13-2016 – $EMES, $HMNY, $BSPM, $GBR, $SPHS, $AG, $HHS

Today’s Watchlist

Solid “part time” trade on Friday, only drawback was it went sideways and I put it on auto pilot as opposed to having an add ready. Overall good trade but should have had more size. But it was Friday afternoon, as I said in my watchlist I was not going to get to aggressive.

Big list today, will post a plan 9AMish.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 6-10-2016 – $SPHS, $BLPH, $BSPM, $EMES, $JAGX, $HMNY

Today’s Watchlist

Good day yesterday, nailed $BSPM and chilled the rest of the day.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 11-5-2015 – $AVXL, $GENE, $EMES, $BIOS, $LINC, $VSCP

Today’s Watchlist

Non trade day yesterday, had a lunch meeting that I had to leave about 11AM for. Then a couple conference calls in the afternoon. It was intentional to take the aftenroon off, but of course then we get EMES at 2PM… Grrr, missed that one. Oh well.

Lots in play today.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL) -NasdaqCM

I don’t think I’ve ever hated a stock so much that I DID NOT trade.. Probably becasue I thought about buying every dip and never did and could have banked. Looks like the backside is in but they have an event on Saturday. So I’m still mixed. I’m short bias, but struggling with how to pick an entry.


Genetic Technologies Limited (GENE) -NasdaqCM

Another afternoon miss, its tough more me to say I would have actually bought this going into the close. But with its history NO WAY was it a short yesterday. Gapping this morning. I’m short bias, but let it run.


Emerge Energy Services LP (EMES) -NYSE

Hoping for pop’s to mid $7’s with risk on $8.00


BioScrip, Inc. (BIOS) -NasdaqGS

Probably a little too “real” but watching pops over $3 for a fade.


Lincoln Educational Services Corporation (LINC) -NasdaqGS

Probably dead meat, but I’m watching for a secondary spike to shake out all the shorts from yesterday.


VirtualScopics Inc. (VSCP) -NasdaqCM

Major fader, hoping for spikes to get short.