Watchlist 10-24-2014 – $IBIO, $SOPW, $INFN, $RGLS, $LIVE – All Ebola stocks

Trade Plan:

Like most Friday’s I will only be trading a half day. Could be kind of a bummer, with all the Ebola news this afternoon could be interesting. But also dangerous, I got in my opinion lucky on $TKMR yesterday. Made a nice profit then had the intention of holding 1/2 all day for a fade, after it would not crack $18.50 I covered, about 30 minutes later the NYC Ebola news came out and I would have been torched. I’ll be looking to short any and all Ebola’s on weak price action. But I will not try and pick any tops and will not hold long. The potential for news is way to high. If I was smart I’d be playing them on the long side, that is probably where the easy money is.