Watchlist – 7/12/2010 – Looking like another non trade day. $$

Sheesh, after taking Thursday afternoon and Friday off, I was hoping for a decent list this morning… And was very disappointed. This might be the most worthless list of shorts I’ve ever built. Most days like this I would just not even bother to post, but I’m up at 4:45AM and into the routine, and just spent a half hour digging so I might as well post the worthless charts I found. What setups I did find that were not absolutely horrendous I was unable to locate borrows. So all I can do is hope for some crazy ridiculous market jump to setup some fades this afternoon and some setups going into tomorrow.

Full list from Yahoo Finance


Its almost embarrassing to admit, but this might be the best looking chart on the list for today. Bummer is, just not really enough potential downside to get excited about.. SHORT


Nasty, nasty looking biopharma. Not sure what the reason for the pop is though. Plenty of shares to borrow so I will watch closely. I’m afraid it will drop fast at the open, ideally it will run some more then fade in the afternoon. If it follows that pattern I may trade it. SHORT


A lot of these regional banks have been popping lately. I don’t think I have EVER traded any of them and will probably not break that streak. But this was a huge runner and great short last time so I feel obligated to at least keep an eye on it. SHORT


As mentioned last week, I probably would have shorted this had I been able to find shares. Somewhat glad I didn’t find any at this point since it really did nothing and I probably would have been stuck watching it while I had a couple days off. Would have been very annoying checking in on it while trying to ignore the markets. So somewhat a blessing in disguise. Shares are out there now, but I’m conflicted since it has held support at $3. Hmm, tough call at this point whether to trade it or just ignore it. If it cracks $3 it could fall fast and hard though. SHORT


Another losing trade prevented by taking time off! I tweeted this as I walked out the door and was feeling pretty cocky about a great short call! I think it was around $11.60 at the time and it squeezed all the way up over $12. Although it did fade late day nothing great. I’ll still watch but its stubborn, I think I’m just determined to trade it because of the fat loss pill tie in. Not sure thats a great thesis. SHORT