Watchlist – 6-20-2012 – $ARNA, $CIGX, $LQMT, $OSIR, $PVA

Today’s list is of shorts is so mediocre I’m going to really struggle to make any comments. Whoops I actually have a buy in here as well, $LQMT, is a short term buy based on $AAPL hype. I have no idea how big their partnership with $AAPL is, but if the main stream media gets a hold of it, it can pop for sure. I just hope I’m in and out today and not trapped in this annoying thing waiting for something to happen.

$ARNA, and $OSIR are still solid shorts I think, I would had hit them both yesterday but shares on both dried up mid day. Had I shorted pre market or right at the open I could have gotten in. But that is often the worst possible time to short, so I’m glad I stayed away. Would love to get a position in $ARNA at some point, but I’m afraid my passion to short a company that makes a pill to make fat and lazy people lose weight may be clouding my thinking.

Still no great picks, but I will continue with pressing on. There is money to be made in this market, just not easy money right now.

Full list from Yahoo Finance