Watchlist for 5-28-2015 – $ONTY, $GBSN, $EOX, $CBLI, $MNKD, $OHGI, $BIOC

Today’s Plan:

Annoying day yesterday, basically EVERY stock hit my targets and had I traded them better would have been easy nails. I really feel confident in my ability to build solid plans, where I currently struggle is having the conviction to execute those plans, and then have the conviction to let them work out.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

ONTY – Target: $3.50

GBSN – Will only draw interest if it gets crazy, $4-$5 etc

EOX – Major fuckup not trading this pre market yesterday…. Doubt I’ll get the chase but I’ll watch this for short squeeze type action to get an entry.

CBLI – Traded this with no conviction, ended up flat, had I stuck to the plan and waited, could have made 0.30+ per share. Target: $3.40-$3.50

MNKD – Stayed away from this yesterday, (good non trade) Target: $5.50

OHGI – Target: $2.70

BIOC – Target: $3.60