Watchlist for 6-10-2016 – $SPHS, $BLPH, $BSPM, $EMES, $JAGX, $HMNY

Today’s Watchlist

Good day yesterday, nailed $BSPM and chilled the rest of the day.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Watchlist for 10-1-2015 – $RJET, $NUGN, $BLPH

Today’s Watchlist

Decent day yesterday though I failed to execute on the best play, I had the plan of shorting $BLPH if it had a para move towards $6.00, it did exactly that and faded back. But overall a very slow day, glad I did not make any boredom trades. It was tempting to trade VIX stuff or $TWTR, but I stayed disciplined.

Pretty crappy list again today, hoping for something interesting in pre market.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Republic Airways Holdings Inc. (RJET) -NasdaqGS

Covered this into a little perk at the close. And glad I did, it held $5.50 all day, it might fade but I’m thinking one more pop. Will be watching for that.

Target: $6.50-$6.75


NuGene International, Inc. (NUGN) -OTC BB

Fishing for plays, this spiked late day yesterday so I saw it, but its gotta get wacky before I’m interested.

Target: $2.00+ maybe $2.50


Bellerophon Therapeutics LLC (BLPH) -NasdaqGM

This is my main watch for sure. Won’t get too aggressive though, I can feel the FOMO lingering from yesterday, will only trade my plan no chases.

Target: $6.00


Watchlist for 9-28-2015 – $CANF, $VBLT, $BLPH, $TAXI

Today’s Watchlist

I like this list, going to ease into things today, took some time off end of last week to work on other projects. So the standard for me is to watch a lot early and look for late day fades. May trade pre market movers, but this list is basically all waiting for pops.

Today’s List: Full list from Yahoo Finance

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. (CANF) -NYSE MKT

Target: Pops above $5.00


Vascular Biogenics Ltd. (VBLT) -NasdaqGM

Target: $10.20


Bellerophon Therapeutics LLC (BLPH) -NasdaqGM

Target: $6.50


Medallion Financial Corp. (TAXI) -NasdaqGS

Target: $8.00