Beer and Stocks Episode 3

Another on location episode, this time while ice fishing at a local lake. Bear with the camera work a little, my son gave it a five star effort but we didnt think to put his gloves on before starting recording. Even at 7 minutes length, 5 degrees Fahrenheit gets cold fast! After taping he warmed up fast on the heater and with a hot bowl of soup!

We only caught one good sized fish but it was a VERY nice perch!

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YTD results on

Story related to bloggers beating analysts on AAPL’s fundamentals

Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer

Questions for you the 3-4, people who will see this video:

What do you think of the on locations? Good idea/Bad idea? Other then the shaky camera.

I want to keep the video’s short, but also feel I’m rushing, thoughts on the length?

More in depth analysis on the actual trades? Again due to time constraints, I basically just throw out the P/L and thats it, no real thesis or justification or analysis of the trades.

Any other ideas or random comments on how to improve?


Beer and Stocks Episode 2

Something slightly different this week, tried an on location episode! I thought I would arrive at the bar early enough to do a full episode on location, but the crowd and music noise was just to loud, so I quickly just reviewed the beer. For sure a BETA version of on location, still like the idea, just need to prepare better next time.

Really cool Micro Brewery in downtown Grand Rapids – Hop Cat

This weeks beer: Hoppopotamus IPA (6.3%ABV)
Very good, I give it a 4 out of 5!

50 Cent’s Dumbass deleted Tweet

HNHI Chart showing HUGE volume first trading day after 50 Cent’s tweets

Beer and Stocks Episode 1

PLEASE leave comments! I would really like to get input specifically on the concept of this series of videos. This one may be rough, but I had to start somewhere. Also feel free to ask any questions at the Formspring link on the right sidebar.

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DENT REPAIR the epic video!!

Remember the words of Gulfboy!

Every once in awhile a film comes along that changes everything. This is that film. This is timothybohen’s moment. Watch out Oscar. Casablanca. Gone With the Wind. The Godfather. Forrest Gump. This is DentRepair. Two thumbs way up!

BitterPoetMadman’s tribute to DENTREPAIR!

Dent Repair on – Make sure to read the comments!

Hahahaha YEAAAAH!!! Audio File

First trade of the year – RPRX

Second trade – CHGS

tbohen trade results on

Learn how to short sell,

Founders Brewing Centennial IPA, kind of a bummer first beer reviewed was only mediocre!

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